Agricultural Robots

Engineering research in field of agriculture holds a key for sustainable future of Mankind. Technological advancements in farming, referred to as Agtech as grabbed a massive attention among researchers, investors and end users. It focuses on every aspect of farming, starting from Crop selection, Land Preparation, Seed Selection and sowing till the crop is harvested. In past half decade the trends in Agtech have been promising with countries like USA, Canada, Australia, India and Brazil showing a huge response in it.

Agtech is automation of conventional farming techniques using modern day robots and drones. The main use of Agricultural robots has been in harvesting of crops. However, the Drones revolutionized the orthodox laborious techniques to easy, quick and more precise methods which help in maintaining the nutritional values of soil and improving crop quality thereby, increasing the overall yield.

Development of agriculture equipment has been an extensive process over past many decades and it still continues with intense focus on robots and drones. Some of the robots include HV-100 by Harvest Automation, Tertill by Franklin Robotics, FarmBot- World’s First Open Source Farming Machine, IBEX Automation Ltd.’s IBEX Robot, Ecorobotix’s Autonomous Robot Weeder and some prototypes such as HortiBot by Danish Engineers and Louisiana State University’s AgBot.

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