EasyKeeper: نرم افزار مدیریت گله

EasyKeeper enhances goat herd management with automated health schedules, performance tracking, and real-time access from any device. Perfect for dairy, meat, and fiber goats.


EasyKeeper is a comprehensive herd management software designed to simplify and enhance the management of goat herds. It provides tools for health management, performance tracking, breeding management, and productivity, all accessible from any internet-connected device. This platform is ideal for managing dairy, meat, fiber, and specialty goat herds.

Health Management

EasyKeeper offers extensive health management features to ensure the well-being of your herd:

  • Automated Health Schedules: Schedule and manage routine care and treatments with automated reminders.
  • Health Alerts: Receive timely notifications for vaccinations, deworming, and other health-related tasks.
  • Health Records: Maintain detailed health records for each animal, accessible anytime from the platform.

Performance Tracking

Track and analyze the performance of your goats with EasyKeeper’s performance tracking tools:

  • Milk Production: Monitor and compare milk production, estrus cycles, and overall performance against industry standards.
  • Weight Tracking: Record birth and weaning weights to calculate average daily gains and track growth.
  • Maternal Traits: Evaluate and track maternal performance to identify top-performing does and make informed management decisions.

Breeding Management

Manage and optimize your breeding program with EasyKeeper’s breeding management features:

  • Breeding Records: Keep comprehensive records of breeding activities, pedigrees, and progeny.
  • Fertility Monitoring: Identify and address fertility issues proactively to maintain a healthy and productive herd.
  • Breeding Decisions: Utilize historical data to make informed breeding decisions, improving herd quality and productivity.

Productivity Tools

Enhance your herd management efficiency with a range of productivity tools:

  • Task Lists: Organize daily tasks and events with customizable lists to streamline herd management activities.
  • Resource Planning: Project and plan resource needs based on herd activities and schedules.
  • Performance Reports: Generate detailed reports to gain insights into herd performance and make data-driven decisions.

مشخصات فنی

  • Accessibility: Available on any internet-connected device, ensuring real-time access to herd data.
  • امنیت داده ها: Secure storage with robust backup options to protect your data.
  • رابط کاربری: Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface designed for quick access to records and features.
  • حمایت کردن: Comprehensive customer support and resources for users, ensuring effective use of the software.

About EasyKeeper Herd Manager, Inc.

EasyKeeper Herd Manager, Inc. was founded by Jean Harrison, combining her extensive experience in goat breeding and herd management with her career in software development. Based in the United States, EasyKeeper aims to provide intelligent solutions for goat herd management, supporting breeders worldwide in achieving more efficient and productive operations.

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