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The AVO robot by ecorobotix is an eco-friendly and autonomous solution for spraying crops, powered by solar energy and reducing the use of weedkiller by up to 95%. With precision down to the centimeter and a safety strip for protection, it increases productivity and crop yield while decreasing the environmental footprint.

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The AVO robot by ecorobotix is an autonomous, intelligent, and eco-friendly solution for spraying crops. It is powered by solar energy and has interchangeable batteries that allow it to work for up to 10 hours a day, covering up to 10 hectares. AVO uses up to 95% less weedkiller compared to traditional methods, making it an efficient and environmentally-friendly option.

This weeding robot is the successor of the company’s first generation weed killing robot.

AVO is equipped with Lidar and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection and navigation, and it follows a pre-programmed path using its GPS. The robot’s sensors provide precision down to the centimeter, ensuring that it only sprays the targeted plants. Its software can be updated to treat a variety of crops, and a mobile app allows for easy control and management.

In addition to its efficiency and eco-friendliness, AVO is also safe. It has a safety strip that stops the robot if it comes into contact with people or obstacles. It is also lightweight, weighing only 750 kilos, which helps to prevent soil compaction. The robot has four independent drive wheels, allowing it to have a small turning radius.

Autonomous weeding

AVO is currently in development for autonomous weeding, which will further increase its efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. With AVO, you can increase your productivity and decrease your environmental footprint.

The price of AVO in 2022 is around € 90,000

Benefits of the AVO

When using the AVO robot, you can expect the following effects:

  • Improved precision of spraying thanks to advanced tools and technologies.
  • Reduced pollution from spray drift through the use of specialized panels, nozzles, and adjuvants.
  • Increased productivity and crop yield per hectare.
  • Reduced use of pesticides and water, resulting in less stress for the farmer.
  • Fewer incidents of spills, property damage, and incorrect application of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Reduced pesticide residue on crops.
  • Improved control of weed pressure.
  • Enhanced protection of air, soil, and water quality.
  • Reduced human exposure to chemicals.

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