Abelio: Smart Farm Management

Abelio offers a comprehensive farm management solution, combining a web platform for technicians and a mobile app for farmers with innovative decision support tools and artificial intelligence. By optimizing crop production and simplifying farm surveillance, Abelio aims to make agriculture more sustainable, economically efficient, and environmentally friendly.


Abelio offers a suite of tools and services aimed at simplifying farm management and decision-making for agricultural stakeholders. The primary goal is to optimize the various steps in crop production, from seeding to harvest, in order to achieve a more economical and ecological outcome. The company’s services are built around several key principles to promote sustainable agriculture.

Some of the main features of the company’s offerings include:

  1. A web platform for technicians: This platform allows for easy import and management of agricultural data, such as parcel information and crop management techniques.
  2. A mobile application for farmers: The app provides essential information to help increase crop profitability with just a click.
  3. Decision support tools: These innovative tools are designed to help farmers make more informed decisions about fertilizer use, irrigation optimization, and more.
  4. Disease and growth stage forecasts: The company offers various forecasting tools to help anticipate risks of diseases and monitor crop growth.
  5. Weed management: Their tools can detect and identify weeds in different crops, allowing for targeted herbicide application and better overall weed control.
  6. Integration with agricultural equipment: The company’s recommendations can be imported directly into agricultural machinery for automated implementation.
  7. Customized web application: The company offers a tailor-made web application that helps farmers and technicians better manage and visualize their decision-making tools and data.
  8. Data acquisition and artificial intelligence: The company uses proprietary data acquisition systems and leverages satellite and meteorological data, combined with artificial intelligence, to create more accurate and efficient decision support tools for farmers.

Overall, the company is focused on combining technology and agriculture to improve the daily lives of farmers, reduce environmental impact, and ensure sufficient food production to feed the world.