AGRARMONITOR: Comprehensive Farm Management Software

AGRARMONITOR streamlines farm management with real-time documentation, GPS tracking, and digital invoicing. This software enhances efficiency and transparency in agricultural operations.


AGRARMONITOR is a comprehensive farm management software designed to streamline agricultural operations. It integrates real-time documentation, GPS tracking, and digital invoicing to enhance efficiency and transparency.

Real-Time Documentation

AGRARMONITOR enables seamless data exchange between drivers and office staff, allowing drivers to navigate directly to fields and stay updated on colleagues’ progress. The software facilitates digital and real-time capture of all relevant information, including weights and material consumption.

GPS Tracking

With AGRARMONITOR, the location of machinery is continuously tracked during mobile order processing. The system automatically records the machine’s location history, providing valuable insights into operational patterns.

Digital Invoice Management

This feature simplifies the creation of invoices with a single click, supports integration with accounting systems, and reduces office workload. Users can perform detailed cost analysis and manage incoming invoices to maintain accurate inventory levels.

Workforce and Machinery Scheduling

AGRARMONITOR documents the availability of temporary workers during peak seasons and plans various daily workflows, adapting them to real-time conditions. Employees receive real-time information about upcoming tasks, enhancing preparation and efficiency.

Fleet Management

The software offers a real-time map for an overview of ongoing operations and allows sharing of operational progress with clients through AM Live. Maintenance schedules are maintained to prevent downtime, and GPS trackers and CAN bus readers monitor machine locations and read essential machine data.

Field Management

Field data can be imported from application programs, making boundaries visible and navigable. AGRARMONITOR automatically allocates input and output quantities to fields, ensuring precise cost distribution and facilitating fertilization requirement determination with minimal effort.

Technical Specifications

  • Real-time data synchronization
  • GPS tracking capability
  • Digital invoice generation and management
  • Workforce scheduling tools
  • Machine and fleet management
  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Field data import and management


AGRARMONITOR is developed by a team dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and transparency of agricultural operations. The company is based in Germany and has a history of innovating software solutions tailored to the unique challenges of farm management.

Please visit: AGRARMONITOR website for more information.