AvidWater: Water Resource Management

AvidWater enhances agricultural water management through its Certified Water Balance Report, helping growers optimize water use and comply with conservation regulations. Joining the SWIIM certification program has already shown significant yield and water savings.


AvidWater is a leading provider of water resource management solutions, dedicated to helping growers optimize their water use. At the heart of their offerings is the SWIIM Certified Water Balance Report, which provides a comprehensive and audited accounting of water consumption. This service helps growers make informed decisions about irrigation practices, improving crop yields and ensuring compliance with water conservation regulations.

The SWIIM Certified Water Balance Report leverages advanced, scalable technology developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and several western land-grant universities. The system is designed to integrate with existing irrigation methods, including drip, sprinkler, and furrow, providing a versatile solution for various agricultural operations. It uses a combination of field-specific data, weather, and satellite information to track water use efficiency in near real-time, ensuring that growers remain within their water allocation limits.

Enhanced Water Management

The SWIIM Certified Water Balance Report provides detailed insights into water usage, allowing growers to optimize their irrigation strategies. This can lead to significant water savings and higher crop yields. Users of the SWIIM certification program have already reported notable improvements in both areas, highlighting the effectiveness of the system.

Regulatory Compliance

The detailed water consumption data provided by the SWIIM Certified Water Balance Report is crucial for regulatory compliance. It helps state agencies monitor and enforce water conservation mandates, ensuring that agricultural operations adhere to necessary regulations. This not only promotes sustainable water use but also supports growers in maintaining their water rights.

Features and Benefits

  • Detailed Water Consumption Reports: Offers comprehensive data on water usage, helping growers optimize their irrigation practices.
  • Regulatory Support: Assists in complying with water conservation laws.
  • Improved Yields: Users report higher crop yields.
  • Water Savings: Significant reductions in water usage.
  • Integrated Technology: Works with existing irrigation systems, including drip, sprinkler, and furrow.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides near real-time data on water usage.
  • USDA Collaboration: Developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and several universities.

Technical Specifications

  • Service Type: Water resource management and auditing.
  • Certification: SWIIM Certified Water Balance Report.
  • Data Integration: Weather, satellite, and field-specific data.
  • Irrigation Methods: Compatible with drip, sprinkler, and furrow systems.
  • Real-Time Data: Near real-time tracking of water use efficiency.
  • Compliance Support: Facilitates adherence to water conservation regulations.
  • Yield Improvement: Evidence of increased agricultural yields.
  • Water Savings: Demonstrated reductions in water consumption.

Manufacturer Information

AvidWater is committed to advancing water resource management for agriculture. Their innovative SWIIM Certified Water Balance Report has proven to be a valuable tool for growers aiming to optimize water use and ensure regulatory compliance. By providing detailed, real-time data and comprehensive water management solutions, AvidWater supports sustainable agricultural practices.

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