Bitwise Agronomy GreenView: AI-Driven Yield Estimation


Bitwise Agronomy GreenView is an AI-powered solution providing accurate crop yield estimates for berry and grape growers. GreenView offers precise data analysis for better farm management and profitability using computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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Introducing Bitwise Agronomy GreenView: a state-of-the-art AI-powered crop yield estimator designed for berry and grape growers. This revolutionary solution offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, enabling producers to make informed, data-driven decisions for improved farm management and profitability. Read on to discover how GreenView works, its key features and specifications, and learn more about the company behind this innovative technology.

Accurate Horticultural Crop Yield Estimates with Artificial Intelligence

Bitwise Agronomy GreenView is a cutting-edge agricultural technology using computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate highly accurate crop yield for berry and grape growers. Developed by the innovative team at Bitwise Agronomy, GreenView helps growers capture meaningful data that enables better farm management and decision-making.

Data-driven decisions: artificial intelligence paves the way for accurate crop yield estimates for berry and grape growers - evokeAG.

Farmer-First Approach: Providing Meaningful Data at Crop Level

GreenView has been designed with a farmer-first approach, addressing grape and berry growers’ challenges in estimating crop yields. This advanced technology significantly improves over traditional aerial imagery, which relies on predictive analytics based on canopy cover. Instead, GreenView delves deep into the plant level, counting and measuring individual pieces of fruit that cannot be seen from a top-down view.

Easy Integration with Farm Machinery and Existing Processes

GreenView utilizes a GoPro camera attached to existing farm machinery, such as mowers, mulchers, or sprayers. The camera records side-on video footage of crops, plant-by-plant, as growers do their usual tasks. This footage is then uploaded to the GreenView portal and analyzed using AI, which has been trained to recognize different phenological stages of the crop and count the fruit.

Valuable Insights for Better Crop Management

Once the AI has analyzed the footage, growers receive a comprehensive report containing information on berry and bunch number, shoot length, and fruit ripeness. This data is invaluable for forecasting crop yields, managing labor requirements, reducing crop loss, and improving overall fruit quality. With the ability to count blueberries at a fraction of the cost of manual labor, GreenView offers both cost savings and increased accuracy for growers.

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Impressive Adoption and Recognition in the Agricultural Industry

The agricultural community has embraced Bitwise Agronomy GreenView, which is now used by 70 businesses across eight countries. The AI-driven technology has also garnered recognition in the form of awards, such as second runner-up in the Women in AI Innovator of the Year award and winner in the AI in Agribusiness category for its creator, Fiona Turner.

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Specifications and Features

  • Combines computer vision, machine learning, and AI for accurate crop yield estimates
  • Farmer-first approach, focusing on the needs of berry and grape growers
  • Easily integrates with existing farm machinery and processes
  • Uses a GoPro camera to capture detailed, side-on footage of crops
  • AI analyzes footage and generates a comprehensive report for growers
  • Provides valuable insights for better crop management and decision-making

About Bitwise Agronomy

Bitwise Agronomy, founded by farmers, viticulturists, and IT professionals, focuses on integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning into farming. Their GreenView system addresses the challenges growers face, such as crop variability and fluctuating yields.

GreenView uses advanced AI technology to provide reliable, accurate data for better management and forecasting. Growers utilize GoPro cameras attached to farm machinery to capture footage, which the system processes to generate interactive dashboards and maps tailored to each customer.

These actionable insights empower growers to make well-informed decisions, ensuring optimal task execution and improving crop yields and profitability. Bitwise Agronomy, headquartered in Launceston, TAS, operates in the Information Technology & Services industry with 11-50 employees. For more information, visit their website at


Bitwise Agronomy GreenView is a game-changing technology for berry and grape growers, offering accurate and reliable crop yield estimates through AI. With its farmer-first approach, easy integration with existing farm machinery, and valuable insights for better crop management, GreenView is set to become an indispensable tool for growers looking to improve their bottom line and stay ahead in the competitive agricultural market.

GreenView offers various pricing plans to cater to the specific needs of winegrowers. The Essential plan, priced at $2,000 annually, includes unlimited uploads, raw data, support for one farm with a total land size of up to 50 hectares, maps, and a yield calculator. For more advanced features, the Premium plan, at $3,500 annually, provides unlimited uploads, a dashboard with reports, support for one farm with a total land size of up to 70 hectares, live interactive maps, and a yield calculator.

For more extensive operations, the Ultimate plan, available for $5,000 annually, offers unlimited uploads, a dashboard with reports, support for two farms with a total land size of up to 150 hectares, live interactive maps, and a yield calculator. For those requiring a tailored solution, GreenView provides a Bespoke plan. You can contact the GreenView team for pricing and to customize a program that supports multiple farms, land sizes over 150 hectares, live interactive maps with additional features, and a specialized yield calculator.

Choose the right plan for your business and start benefiting from GreenView’s advanced technology today.



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