Combyne: Crop Marketing Management Tool

Combyne enhances crop marketing efficiency with tools to track contracts, deliveries, and profitability in real-time. Designed for farmers, it simplifies decision-making and optimizes revenue management.


Combyne is a robust crop marketing management tool designed to simplify and optimize the complex processes of tracking contracts, managing deliveries, and maximizing profitability for farmers. Originally launched as FarmLead in 2014, the platform evolved into Combyne after identifying the need for more effective solutions in the agricultural sector. Acquired by Bayer Crop Science in 2022, Combyne now leverages advanced technology and industry expertise to enhance its offerings.


Crop Marketing Management Combyne allows farmers to manage their projected yields and harvested totals against contract obligations. This feature provides real-time updates on the amount of grain contracted and the available quantity left to sell. For forward contracts, farmers can add the number of acres and anticipated yield for the next crop year to minimize the risk of overselling.

Document Reading Technology The Combyne Capture technology automates the process of tracking contracts, settlements, and load tickets. Farmers can upload documents via their phones, and the system parses the image to extract key information such as buyer, commodity, quantity, price, and delivery window.

Delivery Tracking This feature enables farmers to monitor upcoming deliveries, cashflow, and delivery progress on contracts. The platform provides a monthly view of open contracts, helping farmers stay on top of their delivery schedules and financials.

Payment Insights Combyne offers detailed insights into payments by tracking settlements and tying them to specific contracts. This helps farmers understand their final settled income per contract and manage their finances more effectively.

Stored Crop Management Farmers can track the quality and quantity of their stored crop based on its storage location. The tool allows for management of bins by yard, as well as grain bags or elevator storage, providing a comprehensive record of on-farm and off-farm stored crop.

Price Performance Combyne uses contract data to provide pricing insights for sales. Farmers can see their average, minimum, and maximum contract prices per commodity and the estimated total earnings for the crop year across all contracts.

Optimize Profitability By combining sales information with cost of production data, Combyne helps farmers calculate the breakeven point and profitability. This feature ensures that farmers can make data-informed decisions to optimize their revenue.

Technical Specifications

  • Real-time market position updates
  • Document reading technology (Combyne Capture)
  • Integrated delivery and cashflow tracking
  • Comprehensive stored crop management
  • Detailed payment insights and tracking
  • Profitability and breakeven analysis
  • Unlimited commodity management (Accelerator Plan)

Pricing Plans

  • Starter Plan: Free. Manage inventory for one commodity and up to 100 trade documents. Includes basic document reading technology and price performance access.
  • Accelerator Plan: $24.99 CAD per month or $19.99 USD per month. This plan includes unlimited commodity management, unlimited trade document management, and advanced features like delivery tracking and profitability analysis.

About the Manufacturer

Combyne was founded with a mission to provide a purpose-built crop marketing management solution for farmers and grain marketing advisors. Acquired by Bayer Crop Science in 2022, Combyne continues to innovate and expand its offerings, focusing on automating and optimizing record-keeping and decision-making processes in agriculture.

Read more: Combyne website.