Conservis: Comprehensive Farm Management Software

Conservis enhances farm management with a cloud-based software platform, integrating real-time data to improve decision-making and operational efficiency. It offers tools for budgeting, planning, and reporting, tailored to both row and permanent crop growers.


Conservis is an advanced farm management software designed to streamline and enhance agricultural operations. It integrates real-time data and provides comprehensive tools to help farmers manage their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

Comprehensive Farm Management

Conservis acts as a centralized hub for all farm data, helping to manage operations throughout the entire agricultural cycle—from planning and budgeting to harvest and beyond. The platform allows farmers to create detailed financial plans, manage inputs, and track field activities. By consolidating data from various sources, Conservis ensures that farmers have a complete picture of their operations at all times.

Key Features

Planning and Budgeting Conservis offers robust planning and budgeting tools, enabling farmers to create financial plans that cover crop and field plans, inputs, debt service, and land management. This helps farmers understand their costs and analyze yields throughout the year.

Operational Management The software tracks and records all field activities such as planting, spraying, and fertilizing. This ensures accurate documentation and makes managing in-field execution and logistics more efficient. The built-in crop production software is particularly beneficial during harvest, reducing chaos and ensuring no loads are lost.

Real-Time Data Integration Conservis integrates real-time data, providing a comprehensive view of operations. This includes efficient work order management, activity status monitoring, and problem detection. The cloud-based system ensures data accessibility from anywhere, making it easy to stay updated on field activities.

Financial Analysis and Reporting Conservis provides detailed financial analysis tools, connecting field data to finances. The software supports real-time profitability analysis at the field or crop level, empowering farmers to make confident decisions. Detailed reporting capabilities enable easy communication with bankers, regulators, insurers, and stakeholders.

Grain and Inventory Management The software offers strong grain management features, ensuring that no load goes missing during harvest. Farmers can monitor the status of each load from field to sale, ensuring full traceability. The inventory management feature tracks inputs such as seed, chemical, and fertilizer through all stages of the growing cycle, helping to prevent losses and ensure accurate applications.

Customer Support Conservis is supported by a dedicated Customer Success team, offering personalized assistance to ensure farmers get the most out of the software. This includes initial setup, ongoing training, and troubleshooting, making it easier for farmers to adapt and fully utilize the platform.

Technical Specifications

  • Planning & Budgeting: Comprehensive financial planning tools, including crop and field plans.
  • Operational Management: Tracks planting, spraying, fertilizing, and harvest activities.
  • Data Integration: Real-time data access and cloud-based storage.
  • Financial Analysis: Profitability analysis, cost tracking, and detailed reporting.
  • Grain Management: Monitoring and traceability of loads from field to sale.
  • Inventory Management: Tracking of seed, chemical, and fertilizer inputs.
  • Customer Support: Personalized setup, training, and ongoing support services.

Manufacturer Information

Founded in 2009, Conservis is dedicated to supporting farmers by providing reliable, independent farm management software. With Midwest roots and a focus on transparency and customer success, Conservis continues to innovate and tailor its solutions to meet the evolving needs of the agricultural sector.

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