CropTracker: Farm Management Software for Fruits and Vegetables

CropTracker enhances farm management with its modular software, focusing on accurate record-keeping, traceability, and labor management. It supports growers from planting to shipping, improving operational efficiency.


CropTracker is a leading farm management software system developed by Dragonfly IT. It is specifically designed for fruit and vegetable growers, providing advanced solutions to enhance traceability, manage labor and production costs, and optimize farm operations from planting to shipping. The software’s modular design allows users to select and pay only for the features they need, making it a flexible solution suitable for farms of all sizes.

Key Features and Benefits

Record-Keeping CropTracker simplifies the record-keeping process, allowing farmers to log activities such as spraying, employee hours, harvesting, and irrigation. This feature ensures compliance with reporting requirements and provides easy access to records from any device, facilitating efficient farm management.

Scheduling The software includes advanced scheduling tools that enable the creation of custom schedules or the use of predefined templates. This helps prevent missed or duplicated tasks, ensuring smooth and coordinated farm operations.

Work Crew Communications & Activity Tracking Effective labor management is crucial in agriculture. CropTracker provides tools for real-time communication, task assignment, and progress monitoring, enhancing team productivity and operational efficiency.

Analytics & Reports CropTracker can generate over 50 types of reports, providing valuable insights into farm operations. These reports aid in decision-making and simplify the auditing process by reducing the need for extensive paperwork.

Traceability Ensuring food safety and traceability is a primary concern for modern farms. CropTracker offers detailed traceability reports that track the origin of products, helping meet food safety standards and manage risks associated with food recalls.

Comprehensive Support CropTracker’s support team assists users at every step, from initial setup to troubleshooting and customization, ensuring that farmers get the most out of the software.

Modular System

CropTracker’s modular system includes a variety of specialized modules, such as:

  • Spray Record Keeping: Track and analyze chemical usage, automate inventory management, and ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Harvest Yield Records: Real-time tracking of harvests, linking location and picker data, and enhancing traceability.
  • Production Practice Tracking: Log activities like pruning, mowing, and thinning, and analyze labor and equipment costs.
  • Work Crew Activity and Labor Tracking: Manage employee hours, payroll, and efficiency with real-time data.
  • Harvest Field Packing: Manage packing activities directly in the field, enhancing food safety and efficiency.
  • Produce Packing Traceability Records: Monitor packaging processes and inventory costs.
  • Shipping Traceability Records: Manage and track shipping activities, print labels, and save receipts.
  • Receiving Records: Maintain detailed records of incoming inventory to enhance traceability.
  • Storage Records: Improve inventory management and eliminate misplaced products.

Advanced Technologies

Harvest Quality Vision Using computer vision, this feature scans and assesses the size, color, and quality of produce, providing real-time knowledge of large quantities of produce in the field.

Crop Load Vision This feature automates the counting and sizing of fruit, reducing the risk of double-counting and improving accuracy.

Drone Integration CropTracker integrates drone technology for various applications, such as monitoring crop health, assessing soil conditions, and applying sprays. Drones provide high-resolution imagery and data that help in precise farm management and decision-making.

Technical Specifications

  • Platform: Web-based, accessible via smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Modules: Spray Record Keeping, Harvest Yield Records, Production Practice Tracking, Labor Tracking, Field Packing, Packing Traceability, Shipping, Receiving, Storage
  • Reporting: Over 50 customizable report types
  • Integration: Compatible with various payroll systems and other business tools
  • Support: Comprehensive customer support and training

Manufacturer Information

CropTracker is developed by Dragonfly IT, a company dedicated to providing advanced record-keeping and operations management solutions. Their mission is to enhance the profitability, efficiency, and safety of crop production.

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