GreenLight Biosciences: RNA-Based Agricultural Solutions

GreenLight Biosciences leverages RNA technology to enhance agricultural productivity, focusing on sustainable pest control and crop protection. Their products target specific pests like the Colorado Potato Beetle and Varroa destructor mite, ensuring environmental safety and efficacy.


GreenLight Biosciences is at the forefront of utilizing RNA technology to revolutionize agricultural practices. Their focus on developing sustainable solutions for pest control and crop protection positions them as a key player in modern agriculture.

GreenLight’s RNA-based products offer targeted pest control, addressing specific threats while safeguarding beneficial insects. Their technology leverages double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) to create precise, environmentally friendly solutions that degrade quickly in the environment, leaving no harmful residues.

Key Agricultural Solutions

Calantha for Colorado Potato Beetle Control Calantha is an RNA-based bio-insecticide specifically designed to combat the Colorado Potato Beetle, a notorious pest in potato cultivation. Approved by the US EPA, this product helps farmers manage resistance effectively while ensuring safety for non-target organisms. Calantha exemplifies GreenLight’s commitment to providing high-efficacy, sustainable pest management solutions.

Varroa Mite Control for Honeybees One of GreenLight’s significant innovations is their RNA-based solution for the Varroa destructor mite, a critical threat to honeybee populations. By targeting this mite, the product helps protect honeybees, which are essential for pollination and maintaining ecological balance. This solution reflects GreenLight’s dedication to preserving biodiversity and supporting the health of pollinators.

Fungal Pathogen Control GreenLight’s RNA technology also extends to combating fungal diseases affecting crops like strawberries and grapes. By reducing reliance on chemical fungicides, these RNA solutions help in preventing fruit rot and other fungal issues, thereby promoting healthier crop yields and safer produce.

Advanced Manufacturing and Production

State-of-the-Art Production Facility Located in Rochester, New York, GreenLight’s 17,000-square-foot facility is the world’s largest RNA production plant, with an annual capacity of 500 kg, expandable to 1,000 kg. The facility employs a proprietary cell-free RNA manufacturing process, enabling the production of Technical Grade Active Ingredient (TGAI) dsRNA at less than $1 per gram. This scalable and cost-effective production method is designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture efficiently.

Innovative Platform GreenLight’s platform stands out for its ability to produce high-quality RNA at a low cost. Unlike traditional cell-based fermentation, which is slow and expensive, GreenLight’s cell-free production process is rapid and affordable. This technological advancement allows for the mass production of RNA suitable for broadacre agricultural applications, making it a viable alternative to conventional chemical treatments.

Technical Specifications

  • Target Pests: Colorado Potato Beetle, Varroa destructor mite, various fungal pathogens.
  • Application Methods: Foliar spray for insecticides, integrated pest management programs, seed treatments for fungal control.
  • Environmental Impact: Rapid degradation in soil and water, no harmful residues, safe for non-target organisms.
  • Regulatory Status: US EPA approval for key products like Calantha.

About GreenLight Biosciences

Founded in 2008, GreenLight Biosciences has raised approximately $235 million to date and is rapidly expanding into new market opportunities in human, animal, and plant health. Their RNA technology aims to tackle some of humanity’s greatest challenges, from mRNA vaccines for human health to RNA crop-protection products. GreenLight’s mission is to harness the power of biology to develop innovative, sustainable solutions that benefit both people and the planet.

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