Hazel Technologies: Postharvest Solutions for Fresh Produce

Hazel Technologies provides innovative postharvest solutions to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. Their products help reduce waste and enhance the quality of fruits and vegetables, ensuring better profitability for growers, packers, and retailers.


Hazel Technologies specializes in postharvest solutions designed to extend the shelf life and maintain the quality of fresh produce. By targeting the primary factors that accelerate spoilage, such as ethylene exposure, fungal spores, and cold chain breaks, Hazel’s technologies help reduce waste and improve the profitability of fruits and vegetables.

Product Overview

Hazel Technologies offers a suite of products that address different aspects of produce preservation:

  • Hazel 100: A postharvest slow-release 1-MCP solution that delays aging and decay.
  • Hazel Endure: An anti-fungal technology that reduces spoilage.
  • Hazel Breatheway: Modified atmosphere packaging that regulates the flow of gases.
  • Hazel Root: An anti-sprouting technology for root vegetables.
  • Hazel Datica: CA room detection and analysis tool.
  • Hazel Trex: Pre- and postharvest genetic testing to enhance yield and quality.
  • Hazel CA: A controlled atmosphere room treatment and applicator.

Benefits for Agriculture

Hazel’s technologies are widely used by growers, packers, shippers, retailers, and food service companies to preserve the quality, value, and reputation of their produce. By improving defense against ethylene, excess CO2, and microbial spores, Hazel products help maintain freshness throughout storage, transit, and on the shelf.

Key Features

  • Ethylene Management: Slows down the ripening process to extend shelf life.
  • Fungal Protection: Reduces the impact of fungal spores on produce.
  • Sprouting Inhibition: Prevents sprouting in root vegetables.
  • Controlled Atmosphere: Maintains optimal storage conditions.
  • Genetic Testing: Enhances yield and quality through pre- and postharvest testing.

Usage in Agriculture

Hazel Technologies provides targeted solutions for various crops, including apples, grapes, avocados, and more. For example:

  • Hazel 100: Used to extend the shelf life of apples, peaches, and melons by releasing 1-MCP gas slowly to inhibit ethylene.
  • Hazel Endure: Effective for grapes and berries, combating fungal spores that cause decay.
  • Hazel Root: Prevents sprouting in root vegetables like potatoes.
  • Hazel Breatheway: Maintains optimal atmospheric conditions for a variety of crops, ensuring extended freshness.

Technical Specifications

  • Hazel 100: Utilizes 1-MCP technology.
  • Hazel Endure: Contains anti-fungal agents.
  • Hazel Breatheway: Customizable atmosphere packaging.
  • Hazel Root: Anti-sprouting formulation.
  • Hazel Datica: Environmental monitoring system.
  • Hazel Trex: Genetic analysis tools.
  • Hazel CA: Controlled atmosphere application.

Manufacturer Information

Hazel Technologies was founded in 2015 with the mission to increase the efficiency of the produce supply chain. Their innovative solutions help extend the quality of fruits and vegetables, reducing waste and increasing profitability for all stakeholders in the fresh produce industry. Hazel Technologies has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the agriculture category.

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