Oishii: Indoor Vertical Strawberry Farming

Oishii leverages indoor vertical farming to produce premium strawberries like the Omakase Berry and Koyo Berry, offering pesticide-free, high-quality fruit year-round. This innovative approach ensures sustainability and exceptional taste in every berry.


Oishii employs advanced indoor vertical farming techniques to produce premium strawberries, combining traditional Japanese agricultural practices with cutting-edge technology. The Omakase Berry and Koyo Berry are the flagship products, grown sustainably without pesticides, ensuring superior taste and quality.


Oishii’s farms are designed to be environmentally friendly, utilizing solar energy and sophisticated water recycling systems. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint and conserves vital resources, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Pesticide-Free Production

One of the key advantages of indoor vertical farming is the controlled environment, which eliminates the need for pesticides. This results in cleaner, safer fruit that meets the highest health standards.

Superior Quality and Taste

Combining traditional Japanese techniques with modern technology, Oishii ensures that every berry has an intense yet delicate sweetness. The meticulous care taken in every step of the growing process guarantees exceptional quality and flavor.

Innovation and Technology

Oishii integrates advanced robotics and state-of-the-art systems into its farming processes. This includes automated planting, growing, and harvesting, which enhances productivity and efficiency, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh strawberries year-round.

The Omakase Berry

The Omakase Berry is named after the Japanese dining tradition of “Omakase,” meaning “I leave it up to you.” This berry represents trust in Oishii’s ability to deliver exceptional quality. Known for its unique sweetness and texture, the Omakase Berry is a testament to the meticulous care taken in every step of the growing process.

The Koyo Berry

The Koyo Berry, meaning “elated” in Japanese, offers a refreshing taste that brings joy with every bite. It is cultivated using the same rigorous standards as the Omakase Berry, ensuring consistency in quality and flavor.


Launched in 2024, the Amatelas Farm in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, is Oishii’s largest and most advanced facility. Spanning over 237,500 square feet and adjacent to a solar field, this farm is designed to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

Solar Energy Utilization

The proximity to a solar field helps power the farm, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources. This integration of solar energy underscores Oishii’s dedication to sustainable farming practices.

Water Recycling

A multi-million-dollar water purification system allows for extensive water recycling, minimizing waste and conserving water resources. This innovative system is a key component of Oishii’s sustainable farming model.

Advanced Robotics

The farm features cutting-edge robotics that streamline the farming process. From planting to harvesting, these automated systems increase efficiency and productivity, ensuring a steady supply of fresh, high-quality strawberries.

Technical Specifications

  • Farm Size: 237,500 square feet
  • Energy Source: Solar energy from adjacent solar field
  • Water System: Advanced purification and recycling system
  • Robotics: State-of-the-art automation for planting, growing, and harvesting
  • Production Capacity: Increased levels due to vertical stacking and optimized space usage
  • Berry Varieties: Omakase Berry, Koyo Berry
  • Pesticide-Free: 100% pesticide-free produce

About Oishii

Oishii was founded by Hiroki Koga, inspired by the high-quality fruit culture in Japan. Disappointed by the focus on quantity over quality in the American market, Koga introduced the Omakase Berry to the U.S., establishing the first indoor vertical strawberry farm. Oishii continues to innovate, bringing the best of Japanese fruit farming traditions to America.

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