OnePointOne: Advanced Vertical Farming Solutions

OnePointOne develops advanced vertical farming systems using aeroponic and hydroponic technology, maximizing crop yields and sustainability. Their automated systems ensure year-round superior crop production.


OnePointOne is pioneering the future of agriculture with its state-of-the-art vertical farming solutions, which integrate advanced aeroponic and hydroponic technologies. Established in 2017 by brothers Sam and John Bertram, OnePointOne aims to address global food security challenges by enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of crop production.

Technological Innovations

OnePointOne employs a highly sophisticated vertical farming system, utilizing aeroponics and hydroponics to grow plants in a controlled, nutrient-rich environment. This approach allows for significant resource savings, using 99% less water and 250 times more plants per acre compared to traditional farming methods. The system is entirely free of pesticides, herbicides, and harmful chemicals, ensuring the production of clean and healthy crops.

The company’s farms are equipped with automated systems managed by AI and robotics. These systems handle various tasks, including plant inspection, light management, and environmental control, which optimize growing conditions and enhance crop yields. The technology is highly scalable and modular, making it suitable for various applications, from urban farming to biopharmaceuticals.

Sustainability and Efficiency

OnePointOne’s vertical farming technology is designed to minimize environmental impact. By significantly reducing water and land usage, the company addresses critical issues such as resource scarcity and climate change. Their systems can produce crops year-round, unaffected by external weather conditions, thereby ensuring a consistent supply of fresh produce.

Additionally, OnePointOne’s method promotes faster growth rates and longer shelf life for produce. The vertical farming setup allows for multiple layers of crops to be grown in a compact space, optimizing space usage and maximizing output. This efficiency not only boosts productivity but also contributes to economic sustainability by reducing food waste and transportation emissions.

Practical Applications

OnePointOne’s technology is versatile, serving various sectors including retail, grocery, wholesale, and sustainable real estate development. Their solutions cater to farming entrepreneurs by providing the tools needed to build and scale profitable vertical farming businesses. The company’s flagship product, the Opollo™ vertical farming platform, integrates both hardware and software to deliver reliable and high-quality crop production.

Key Features


  • Opollo™ System: Combines aeroponic and hydroponic technologies.
  • Automation: AI and robotics manage plant inspection, light, and environmental conditions.
  • Scalability: Modular design allows for scalable growth.


  • Crop R&D: Utilizes AI and data analytics to optimize farm operations.
  • Perfect Harvest™: Ensures optimal growing conditions through real-time monitoring and adjustments.
  • Perfect Climate™: Tailors light, irrigation, and climate conditions to each crop’s growth stage.


  • Resource Efficiency: 99% less water usage, 250 times more plants per acre.
  • Sustainability: No pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals.
  • High Yield: Greater crop production with faster growth rates and longer shelf life.
  • Economic Impact: Reduced food waste and lower transportation emissions.

Technical Specifications

  • Technology: Aeroponics and hydroponics
  • Water Usage: 99% less than traditional farming
  • Land Usage: 250 times more plants per acre
  • Automation: Full AI and robotic integration
  • Environmental Control: Automated light and climate management
  • Crop Types: Suitable for a wide range of produce

About OnePointOne

Founded by Sam and John Bertram, OnePointOne has made significant strides in vertical farming technology, driven by a mission to improve global food security and nutrition. Their innovative approaches have positioned them as leaders in the agri-tech industry, with a focus on sustainability and efficiency.

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