Pairwise: CRISPR-Developed Seedless Blackberries

Pairwise introduces the world’s first CRISPR-developed seedless blackberries, designed for consistent sweetness, thornlessness, and high yield. Revolutionizing blackberry cultivation.


Pairwise, a leader in genetics-based innovation for food and agriculture, has introduced groundbreaking advancements in the field of CRISPR technology with their seedless blackberries and other crop developments. Utilizing their proprietary Fulcrum™ Platform, Pairwise has not only created the world’s first seedless blackberries but is also pioneering efforts in pitless cherries, enhanced leafy greens, and high-yield row crops. This innovation promises significant benefits for both consumers and growers, emphasizing improved flavor, convenience, and agricultural efficiency.

Seedless Blackberries

Developed through precise CRISPR techniques, Pairwise’s seedless blackberries offer a consistently sweet taste year-round. The elimination of seeds addresses a major consumer preference, as over 30% of berry buyers have expressed a dislike for seeds, while many others avoid the fruit due to this inconvenience. This variety also holds up well during shipment, ensuring that consumers receive high-quality, flavorful fruit.

Benefits for Growers and Environment

The new blackberry variety is not only seedless but also thornless and compact, which presents several advantages for growers. The thornless trait simplifies the harvesting process, reducing labor and improving efficiency. The compact plant structure allows for higher planting density per acre, which can lead to significantly increased yields. Early trials suggest that this innovation can boost productivity with minimal additional input, thereby reducing the water and land required per crate of harvested fruit.

Pitless Cherries and Extended Season

Pairwise is actively developing pitless cherries, aiming to revolutionize the stone fruit industry. These cherries will offer the convenience of being pitless, along with an extended growing season, enhancing both consumer enjoyment and market opportunities.

Leafy Greens

As the first CRISPR food to be introduced in North America, Pairwise’s leafy greens are now out-licensed for further commercialization. These greens have been designed for improved yield, disease resistance, and climate resilience, promising to significantly enhance agricultural productivity.

Row Crops

In collaboration with Bayer, Pairwise is advancing the development of row crops such as corn, soy, wheat, and canola. These crops are being tailored for higher yields, improved disease resistance, and better climate resilience, addressing some of the most critical challenges faced by modern agriculture.

Technical Specifications

  • Blackberries:
    • Seedless
    • Thornless
    • Consistently sweet year-round
    • Durable during shipment
    • Compact plant structure
  • Cherries:
    • Pitless
    • Extended growing season
  • Leafy Greens:
    • Enhanced yield
    • Disease resistance
    • Climate resilience
  • Row Crops:
    • Higher yield varieties
    • Disease-resistant traits
    • Climate-resilient adaptations

About Pairwise

Founded by Chief Executive Officer Tom Adams and Chief Business Officer Haven Baker, along with prominent scientific co-founders, Pairwise is dedicated to applying CRISPR technology to food and agriculture. The company integrates expertise from agriculture, technology, and consumer food sectors to innovate new products that meet consumer needs and promote sustainability. Supported by leading investors like Deerfield, Aliment Capital, Leaps by Bayer, and Temasek, Pairwise has raised substantial funding to drive its mission forward. Pairwise is based in Durham, North Carolina, and continues to lead the field in agricultural biotechnology advancements.

Please visit: Pairwise website for more information.