Root Trimmer RT10: Automated Tree Root Pruner

The Root Trimmer RT10 automates root pruning for avenue trees, handling up to 10 trees per minute. Ideal for trees with trunk circumferences from 6-8 to 16-18 cm, it offers adjustable pruning diameters and automated waste disposal.


The Root Trimmer RT10 by Horti Robotics revolutionizes tree nursery operations with its automated root pruning capabilities. This machine is designed to handle up to 10 trees per minute, accommodating trunk circumferences from 6-8 to 16-18 cm. Ideal for avenue trees, it offers adjustable pruning diameters and an efficient waste disposal system, significantly reducing labor and improving consistency.

High Efficiency

The RT10 enhances productivity by pruning up to 10 trees per minute, ensuring uniformity and precision, crucial for healthy tree development.

Adjustable Pruning Diameters

With a range from 15 cm to 52 cm, the RT10 adapts to various tree sizes, offering flexibility for different species and growth stages.

Automated Waste Disposal

An integrated waste disposal system handles pruned materials automatically, maintaining a clean and efficient workspace.

Production Tracking

The RT10 is equipped with batch and total production counters, allowing for accurate monitoring and management of nursery operations.

Usage in Agriculture

The Root Trimmer RT10 is essential for large-scale tree nurseries focusing on labor efficiency and precision. Its automation ensures consistent growth patterns, vital for trees used in avenues, landscapes, and urban forestry projects.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 10 trees per minute
  • Trunk Circumference Range: 6-8 to 16-18 cm
  • Pruning Diameter Range: 15 cm to 52 cm
  • Waste Disposal: Automated system
  • Counters: Batch and total production

About Horti Robotics

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