Seed Spider: Precision High-Density Seeding

The Seed Spider High-Density Seeding System, by Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc., is a revolutionary electronic seed metering unit renowned for its accuracy and reliability in planting high-density crops. Enhanced with a digital controller mobile app for seamless control and data tracking, it sets a new standard in commercial planting technology.


The Seed Spider High-Density Seeding System is an advanced seed metering unit that has been a revolutionary development in the farming industry since its introduction by Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc. in 1999. The system is renowned for its superior efficiency in planting high-density crops such as spring mix and spinach. The Seed Spider planter outperforms other seed planters with its high accuracy, reliability, and value and has become the preferred choice among growers for planting high-density crops.

The Seed Spider Metering System

How it Works

The Seed Spider Metering System is a world-first in electronic seed metering. It comprises a 12-volt motor that drives a sponge rotor set within a vertical cylindrical metering plate. This metering plate features multiple channels in its internal wall, along which seeds are gently separated by the rotating sponge and carried to individual outlets.

The electronically controlled metering system allows seeds to be metered accurately without causing damage. It can handle a wide range of seed sizes, from raw carrot or lettuce seeds up to the size of a pea, making it incredibly versatile. The metering unit comes standard with 6 outlets, but interchangeable metering plates can provide options from one to six outlets.

The system also includes a seed hopper with a 1.8-gallon capacity, made from transparent plastic for easy seed-level monitoring. For easy maintenance, the seed hoppers come with a quick-release fitting for convenient emptying.

Quality Construction

The Seed Spider Metering System boasts high-quality manufacturing standards. Its components are built from stainless steel and durable plastic to prevent corrosion and ensure long-term reliability.

The Encoder Control System

The Seed Spider system has an Encoder Control System that differs significantly from the traditional EMF system. This electronic metering system is highly reliable and offers multiple advantages for commercial planting operations. The encoder controller is user-friendly, requires minimal skill to operate, and allows seed rate changes at the push of a button.

This system uses Bluetooth to communicate wireless between the encoder controller and motor drivers. It also features a motor RPM monitoring function, a warning system for motor function irregularities, and a GPS receiver integrated into the encoder motor driver.

Seed Spider Digital Controller Mobile App

The Seed Spider Digital Controller Mobile App complements the Seed Spider High-Density Seeding System. This mobile app lets users control the seed metering system and track historical seeding data. It offers fast and easy calibration, real-time fault detection, and web-based reporting. This allows growers to compare current and historical seeding information and gain insights to improve their planting processes. The Digital Controller App replaces physical controllers on existing Seed Spider seeders and comes standard on all new seeders.

About Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc.

Based in Salinas, California, Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc. has been an industry leader in agricultural innovations since 1956. The company has earned a reputation for its comprehensive knowledge of Seed Spider technology and for its extensive experience in building, upgrading, and servicing planters that incorporate Seed Spider equipment. Sutton Ag continues to innovate, delivering high-quality and high-performance products that meet the   evolving needs of the farming industry.

Specifications and Features

  • Accurate planting for crops with seed counts from 20,000 to 800,000 seeds per pound
  • Patented rotating sponge pads for gentle and accurate seed separation
  • Metering units with up to six outlets
  • Quick-release handles for efficient seed changes
  • Seed Spider Encoder Control System for convenient and accurate control
  • The Seed Spider Digital Controller Mobile App for simplified operation and data tracking
  • High-quality construction with stainless steel and durable plastic components
  • Encoder controller with user-friendly interface
  • Bluetooth module for wireless communication between the encoder controller and motor drivers
  • The integrated GPS receiver in the encoder motor driver
  • 1.8-gallon seed hopper with a quick-release fitting for easy emptying


In conclusion, the Seed Spider High-Density Seeding System is a revolutionary product that enhances the farming industry’s efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. The system and the digital controller mobile app offer an unrivaled solution for planting high-density crops. Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc., with its extensive experience and deep knowledge of agricultural technology, ensures that this product delivers in terms of quality and performance. For more details about the Seed Spider High-Density Seeding System, visit Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc.’s official product page.


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