The most important dates for international fairs and tradeshows for agriculture and technology in 2023

The largest agriculture fairs
Agtech events and summits

Attending agricultural trade shows can provide a number of benefits for individuals and organizations in the agtech space: Exposure to new machines, products and services: Trade shows provide a unique opportunity to see a wide range of products and services in one place, which can help attendees stay up-to-date on the latest developments and innovations in their industry.
Networking opportunities: Trade shows are a great way to meet other professionals and establish new business connections. Attendees can network with industry experts, potential clients, and other key players in their field of agtech and food tech. Educational seminars and workshops: Quite some trade shows offer educational seminars, trainings and workshops that can help attendees learn new skills and gain valuable insights into the industry. of agricultural technology.
Competitive advantage: By attending trade shows, attendees can gain a competitive advantage by staying on top of agtech industry trends and developments, and by learning from other professionals in their field. Increased brand awareness: Trade shows can also be a valuable way to promote a company’s (especially agtech startups) products or services to a large audience, which can help increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Agriculture trade shows 2023

Salon de l’Agriculture 2023

Le Salon International de l’Agriculture 2023, which translates to the International Agricultural Show, will take place from February 25th to March 5th, 2023, at Porte de Versailles (VIPARIS) in Paris, France. The show will feature new products and innovations from French and international companies in the food processing, fish, livestock, fishery, agricultural machinery, horse, livestock breeding, gardening, and farming industries. The show also has sub-fairs, AGRI’EXPO and AGRI’TECH. AGRI’EXPO is an educational space that focuses on biosourced products made from biomass, showcasing the sustainable production model of the agricultural sector, and promoting solutions that respect nature. AGRI’TECH showcases start-ups in the farming sector, where more than 60 exhibitors, including start-ups from La Ferme Digitale, will offer a program combining round tables, conferences, and demonstrations to provide a voice for solutions to the major challenges of today and tomorrow.

When: February 25th to 5th of March 2023
Where: Paris, France
Focus: agriculture, food, innovation, sustainability, technology, circular economy, biobased products, start-ups
Exhibitors: 995 (831 products,
Visitors: 480.000

It’s worth mentioning in this context La Ferme Digitale, a group consisting of 113 Agtech startups and companies. The group is present at the Salon D’agriculture for 9 days, featuring 60 exhibitors, and hosting over 80 conference talks.


Agritechnica is an international trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment that is held in Hanover, Germany. The event typically features a wide range of products and services related to agriculture, including new and innovative technologies, machinery, equipment, and services for the agricultural industry. Visitors to the event can expect to see a variety of exhibits and demonstrations, as well as educational seminars and workshops on topics related to agriculture and farming. Additionally, there may be networking opportunities and other activities for attendees to participate in.

When: 12-18 November 2023
Where: Hanover, Germany
Focus: green productivity, smart farming, drive experience, forest, technology, agrifood startups, inhouse farming, workshops, systems & components, innovation award
Exhibitors: 2800
Visitors: 450.000


International agriculture and livestock exhibition

When: 1-5 February 2023
Where: Fuar İzmir, Turkey
Focus: plant production, animal husbandry, livestock, tractors, construction machines, beekeeping, seed growing, fertilizer, irrigation systems, seed and seedling, feed additives, poultry industrrry, spare parts, daiy technologies, feed, farm machines
Exhibitors: 1080
Visitors: 390.000

PA Farm Show

The largest agricultural fair in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Farm Show is one of the largest agricultural fairs. This fair is communication and information platform in the industry and offers the exhibiting companies the opportunity to present themselves here interested audience. Visitors can find out here in depth and comprehensive information on the latest developments, trends, services and products in various fields.

When: 7-14 Jan 2023
Where: Pennsylvania, USA
Focus: Wide range
Address: PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, 2301 North Cameron Street, 17110 Harrisburg,
Exhibitors: 6,000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits, 300 commercial exhibitors
Visitors: 500,000


International Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

The AGROmashEXPO is widely considered to be Hungary’s premier agricultural fair, offering visitors a diverse array of products and advancements through a broad spectrum of exhibitors. A substantial number of exhibitors showcase cutting-edge machines, techniques, practices, and innovations in the agricultural sector and agricultural machinery. The fair serves as a crucial gathering in the industry, providing a prime opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking.

This annual event will take place for the 42nd time, most likely in January 2024, in Budapest.

When: 25 – 28. January 2023
Where: Hungary, Budapest
Focus: Machinery
Address: Hungexpo – Budapest Fair Center Budapest
Exhibitors: 388
Visitors: 44.000

World Ag Expo

The World Ag Expo is a premier outdoor agricultural exposition, attracting over 100,000 attendees each year and showcasing over 1,200 exhibitors. Hosted at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, California, in the United States, it begins on the second Tuesday of February. The event has been officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce as an affiliate of the Foreign Buyer Program, which promotes the export of American-made goods. Before its 2001 renaming, the exposition was known as the California Farm Equipment Show and International Exposition.

One of the highlights of the show is the annual innovation contest, where exhibitors compete in the World Ag Expo Top-10 New Products Contest. This contest highlights new agtech, equipment, services, and more. Exhibitors must apply to participate, and submissions are evaluated by a panel of judges. The winners are featured prominently at the show and receive extensive media coverage.

The World Ag Expo is one of the largest agricultural trade shows globally, occupying 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. It offers a wide variety of ag-related exhibitors and seminars, providing an opportunity for attendees to learn about innovative agricultural products, network, try, and buy. Experience the future of agriculture at the World Ag Expo.

When: 14 – 16. February 2023
Where: USA, Tulare, California
Focus: Largest annual outdoor agricultural exposition
Address: 4500 S Laspina Street, Tulare, California, USA
Exhibitors: 1200
Visitors: 100.000

Some specific agtech events and summits that are relevant in 2023:

AgTech summits & events

AgriTech Sejem

Celje Fair will host Agritech, a trade fair showcasing the latest technology for farmers and forestry workers. Members of the Association of Producers and Importers of Agricultural and Forestry Technology (ZKGT) will occupy three exhibition halls while other industry providers will have access to remaining halls. The fair will present machinery, products, and services essential to farming and forestry activities.

9-13 March 2023 Slovenia, Celje

LFD – LaFermeDay – The European Agtech Show

The event is called “LFDay” and it is in its 6th edition. The event aims to bring together the innovative agricultural and food ecosystem, with a focus on the theme of “empreinte” (footprint). The event invites entrepreneurs, investors, experts, partners, farmers, and institutions to join and showcase their solutions to the challenges faced by the industry. The event features 60 speakers, 150 start-ups exhibiting, and has had 2,000 visitors in the past. Sign up here

The event is hosted by La Ferme Digitale

June 13 2023, “Ground Control” 81 r Charolais, 75012 Paris, France

Indoor Agtech Innovation Summit

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the Indoor Agtech Innovation Summit in New York City in 2023! With over 600 world leading growers, retailers, investors, seed companies and technology providers, this summit is the perfect platform to explore how to optimize and scale-up controlled environment agriculture.

Here’s what you need to know about the summit:

  • 660 delegates from 35 different countries will be attending
  • 90 speakers will be sharing their expertise
  • The summit features an exciting start-up pitching session, case studies on specialty crops, and onsite and virtual exhibition promotion

If you’re an entrepreneur with a breakthrough technology that can help growers optimize energy efficiency, disease resistance, and crop nutrition, this is your chance to get involved. Each company will take the stage to present a snapshot of their solution, highlighting the most innovative aspects of their technology and business model, and outlining their go-to-market strategy. They then take questions from our panel of investor ‘sharks’ and from our audience.

The summit also offers early-stage companies the opportunity to have a dedicated, branded presence in the networking area for the duration of the event in New York and online. You’ll learn how to connect with partners and innovators, how to access their virtual booths, request a 1-1 meeting with their team, and see which sessions they are participating in.

June 29-30 2023 USA, New York

World FIRA (February, France – September, USA)

The global gathering of proficient specialists at the on-site international event is dedicated to the emerging agricultural revolution that is significantly influencing the complete value chain with the deployment of robotics.

World FIRA 2023 February 7-9, 2023 at Toulouse, France

This is the three-day occasion that solely focuses on providing autonomous agriculture and agricultural robotics solutions for the California and North American markets.

September 19-21 2023, Salinas California, USA

Note: there is a virtual event until end of June 2023, FIRA Connect see their website.

World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit London

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit brought together over 880 agribusiness corporates, investors, policy-makers, and start-ups in London to discuss and forge partnerships for sustainable and resilient agri-food systems. The summit focused on topics such as breeding crop diversity and resilience, automation in agriculture, incentivizing regenerative farming, and using digital tools to future-proof the global food supply. The event in 2022 was held both in-person with 750 attendees and virtually with 130 delegates joining online. Read more about the WAT Innovation Summit

September 26-27 2023, London UK

2022 participants were:

Silicon Valley AgTech

With a growing world population, the demand for food production is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades. Add increasing pressure on water usage and sustainability, and recent world events pushing food security even further up the agenda, there has never been a hotter time in the agriculture technology market. The demand that farming has to meet simply cannot be met without the efficiencies that can be delivered through technology.

Now in its tenth year, Silicon Valley AgTech has brought together thousands of farmers & growers, technology professionals, and investors to drive forward the implementation of new agricultural technologies. In 2022, Silicon Valley AgTech was held under the Edge Computing World umbrella, integrated into the ECW program.

The program featured a range of topics, including the 2022 AgTech Investment Outlook, Advancements and Alternatives in Genomics & Biologicals, Controlled Environments: Indoor and Vertical Agriculture, What’s New in Farm Management, Autonomous Machines: The Future of AI and Robotics, Farm Data as a Business: Collection, Management, and Analytics, ESG in Agriculture, and Startup Pitches. The conference provided a unique opportunity for attendees to hear from industry leaders and engage with experts on the latest trends in agtech.

November 7-8 2023, USA, Silicon Valley