Poultry Patrol: Autonomous Poultry Robot

Poultry Patrol introduces an innovative autonomous robot that enhances poultry barn operations by monitoring health and environmental conditions, ensuring optimal productivity in turkey production.


Poultry Patrol’s innovative autonomous robots have set a new standard in poultry barn management by providing a highly efficient and reliable solution to everyday challenges faced in turkey production. By incorporating advanced robotics into routine tasks, these robots offer a significant enhancement in the way poultry operations are managed, reducing labor requirements and improving overall farm productivity.

Efficiency Through Automation

The core function of Poultry Patrol robots is to facilitate better management of poultry environments with minimal human intervention. These autonomous units perform various tasks such as tilling bedding, mortality removal, and precision environmental monitoring. The independence of these robots means that they require attention only once every fortnight, streamlining operations significantly.

Robust and Dependable

One of the standout features of the Poultry Patrol robots is their robustness and reliability. For example, one robot, known affectionately as “Blue,” has operated over 455 days without a single failure that impacted barn operations. This level of durability underlines the robots’ capability to perform consistently under the demanding conditions of a turkey barn.

Simple Installation and Upkeep

Setting up a Poultry Patrol robot is straightforward, requiring less than two hours and basic connections such as an ethernet link and a 120v power supply. The simplicity of the installation process ensures that poultry farmers can get the system up and running without specialized skills, making advanced technology accessible to all.

מפרט טכני

  • פונקציונליות: Autonomous with periodic checks
  • Installation Duration: Less than 2 hours
  • Required Connections: Ethernet and 120v power
  • Operational Record: More than 800 days without critical failures, including a single unit with over 455 days of flawless function

About Poultry Patrol

Founded in 2019, Poultry Patrol emerged from a practical need within the agricultural sector. The initial concept, which was repurposed from a goose-chasing robot, was adapted to meet the specific demands of turkey farming. This pivot was the result of a collaboration with John Zimmerman, a turkey farmer, who saw the potential in using robotics to improve the operational efficiency of his barns. Poultry Patrol’s innovation has been recognized on a global scale, notably as a finalist in the SMART Broiler project, which led to further support from Digi Labs, a tech incubator based in Wayzata.

For further details on their pioneering work in agtech, please visit: Poultry Patrol’s website.