Lumo Smart Valve: Solar-Powered Irrigation Control

Lumo Smart Valve offers precision irrigation with its fully wireless and solar-powered system. It ensures optimal water usage and crop health monitoring via a built-in flow meter and connectivity features.


In the realm of agricultural technology, precise and efficient water management is crucial. The Lumo Smart Valve offers a robust solution, enhancing irrigation practices through innovative features designed for optimal crop management.

Intelligent Irrigation at Your Fingertips

The Lumo Smart Valve stands out as an autonomous, solar-powered irrigation controller that adapts to varying environmental conditions to provide just the right amount of water, exactly when and where it’s needed. This intelligent system is equipped with a flow meter and advanced connectivity features, ensuring meticulous management of water resources, vital for achieving high agricultural yields and sustainability.

Seamless Integration and Control

Users can easily integrate this valve into existing irrigation systems, benefiting from its compatibility with various irrigation protocols. Its user-friendly interface, accessible via a dedicated mobile app or desktop platform, allows for real-time monitoring and adjustments, making it an indispensable tool for modern farmers.

તકનિકી વિશિષ્ટતાઓ

  • સામગ્રી: High-strength fiber-reinforced polymer
  • વીજ પુરવઠો: Solar panel with backup battery system
  • કનેક્ટિવિટી: Advanced wireless mesh network technology
  • Flow Meter: Integrated for real-time water usage monitoring
  • ટકાઉપણું: Designed to withstand environmental extremes and mechanical impacts

About Lumo

Lumo, based in the United States, has carved a niche in agricultural technology with its innovative solutions that cater to modern farming needs. The company combines expertise in wireless technology, water resource management, and sustainable farming practices to develop products that significantly enhance productivity and sustainability in agriculture.

For more insights into Lumo’s innovative approaches and detailed product offerings, please visit: Lumo’s website.

Lumo’s commitment to reliability and customer support ensures that each Lumo Smart Valve is not only a product but a comprehensive water management service. With a flexible pricing model and dedicated technical support, Lumo stands as a partner in agriculture, aiming to facilitate better crop management and enhanced resource efficiency across diverse farming environments.

Innovative Design for Durable Performance

Designed to operate autonomously, the Lumo Smart Valve functions impeccably in remote areas, providing a reliable solution even in the absence of conventional power sources. Its solar-powered design ensures continuous operation throughout the agricultural season, offering peace of mind and operational consistency.