Fasal: IoT-Based Precision Farming Solution

Fasal enhances horticulture farming with its IoT-based platform, providing farm-specific, crop-specific, and crop-stage-specific recommendations. It helps save up to 82.8 billion liters of water and reduce pesticide costs by up to 60%.


Fasal is a state-of-the-art IoT-based precision farming platform designed specifically for horticulture. By leveraging real-time data from on-farm sensors, Fasal provides actionable insights tailored to each farm’s unique conditions, enhancing productivity and sustainability. This platform helps farmers optimize water usage, reduce pesticide costs, and significantly increase crop yields.

Real-Time Monitoring and Data Collection

Fasal’s system uses a range of sensors to monitor soil moisture, leaf wetness, air humidity, temperature, and wind speed. These sensors collect critical data, which is then analyzed by Fasal’s AI engine to provide farmers with precise, real-time information. Farmers can access this data through the Fasal app, which is available in multiple languages and offers detailed insights into farm conditions, enabling them to make informed decisions remotely.

Precision Irrigation Management

Fasal’s irrigation management system ensures that crops receive the exact amount of water needed at each growth stage. This precise irrigation technique helps prevent over- and under-irrigation, leading to significant water savings. Fasal has reportedly saved up to 82.8 billion liters of water through its precision irrigation recommendations.

Pest and Disease Prediction

The platform’s advanced AI algorithms predict potential pest and disease outbreaks by analyzing micro-climatic conditions. This predictive capability allows farmers to take preventative measures, reducing the need for pesticides and lowering associated costs by up to 60%.

Enhanced Yield and Quality

Fasal optimizes every stage of the crop growth cycle, improving both yield and quality. For instance, farmers using Fasal have seen up to a 40% increase in crop yields while maintaining high-quality produce. This is achieved through precise management of irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, all guided by real-time data and AI-driven recommendations.

Farm Finance Management

Fasal provides tools for comprehensive farm finance management, helping farmers plan, monitor, and analyze all farm activities. This includes tracking sales, expenses, and cash flows, ensuring the financial health of the farm and making farm management more efficient.

Supported Crops

Fasal supports a wide range of horticulture crops including:

  • Fruits: Grapes, pomegranates, oranges, mangoes, guavas.
  • Vegetables: Tomatoes, chilies, cucumbers, onions.
  • Flowers: Roses, carnations, orchids.
  • Plantation Crops: Coffee, coconuts.
  • Spices: Turmeric, mint.

Technical Specifications

  • Soil Temperature Sensor: Measures soil, atmosphere, and water temperature with high accuracy.
  • Leaf Wetness Sensor: Detects moisture on leaves, helping predict bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • Air Humidity Sensor: Measures relative humidity to predict pest and disease risks.
  • Wind Speed and Direction Sensor: Monitors wind conditions, crucial for activities like spraying.
  • Rainfall Sensor: Tracks rainfall to optimize irrigation schedules.
  • Lux Sensor: Measures sunlight intensity to predict disease and pest attacks.
  • Temperature Sensor: Monitors canopy-level temperature to prevent disease and pest infestation.

Manufacturer Information

Fasal, founded in 2018 by Ananda Verma and Shailendra Tiwari, is committed to revolutionizing agriculture through advanced technology. Their mission is to empower farmers with data-driven insights, improving productivity, sustainability, and profitability. Operating across 13 states in India, Fasal has overseen the cultivation of over 75,000 acres, saving significant water and reducing pesticide usage.

Read more: Fasal website.