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chatbot specialized in agriculture
we built agriGPT that chats about agriculture with you

How can chatGPT be used in agriculture? 
A blog post about language models and opportunities for farming

Use agriGPT

Artificial intelligence interaction, beta versionLearn more about agriGPT.

Recent ag robotics additions

Agricultural robots are advanced machines designed to perform a variety of tasks in the farming sector, including spraying pesticides, tillage, and analyzing soil conditions, to enhance crop yield and improve overall efficiency. See all robots

Recent ag drone additions

Agricultural drones are specialized aerial devices equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, providing a bird’s-eye view of farmland to monitor crop health, assess NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), and optimize farm management strategies. See all drones

Recent agtech software database additions

Farm management software refers to digital solutions designed to streamline agricultural operations, providing farmers with tools to efficiently manage resources, track production, and analyze data to make informed decisions for optimal productivity. See all software

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