Autonomous Tractor Fendt 716: Enhanced Farm Automation

The Autonomous Tractor Fendt 716 introduces refined autonomy for arable farming, allowing operators to manage tasks with greater ease and precision. It features advanced navigation and safety systems, fostering more reliable and self-sufficient field operations.


The agricultural sector continues to evolve with technological advancements that aim to improve efficiency and productivity. Among these innovations, the Autonomous Tractor Fendt 716 stands out for its integration of advanced autonomy features, designed to support farmers in achieving precise and efficient farm management. This model reflects a significant upgrade over its predecessors, incorporating enhanced navigation systems and safety features, alongside a user-friendly interface for programming and route customization.

Autonomy in Action

The Fendt 716, equipped with the iQuus Autonomy system, automates routine tasks, allowing farmers to concentrate on strategic farm management aspects. With its advanced sensor technology and GPS-based navigation, the tractor can perform tasks with minimal human intervention, from seeding to harvesting.

Safety and Control

Safety is paramount in autonomous machinery, and the Fendt 716 addresses this by integrating comprehensive safety components. These enhancements ensure the tractor operates within predefined boundaries and responds effectively to unexpected obstacles, minimizing the need for constant human oversight.

Customizable and Flexible

A standout feature of the Fendt 716 is its customizable route programming. Farmers can easily set and adjust the tractor’s routes to suit various field sizes and shapes, which is particularly useful for farms with irregular terrain or multiple crop types.

Technical Specifications

  • Engine Power: 171 horsepower
  • Autonomy System: iQuus Autonomy with GPS navigation
  • Safety Features:
    • Enhanced sensory modules
    • Emergency stop mechanisms
    • Real-time monitoring interfaces

About GPX Solutions

GPX Solutions, based in the Netherlands, has been at the forefront of agricultural technology innovation. With a history rooted in enhancing farming efficiency through technology, GPX Solutions collaborates closely with agricultural researchers and developers to tailor their products to the needs of modern farmers. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in the continuous improvements and adaptations of their tractor models to meet the evolving demands of precision farming.

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