XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle


The XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle is the first mass-produced agricultural robotic platform designed for precision crop protection, field scouting, and on-farm material delivery. It features a high-strength steel frame and roll cage, adjustable ground clearance, and a highly modular design.

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The XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle is the ultimate solution for the nextgeneration of farming with unmanned systems. This is the first massproduced agricultural robotic platform of its kind that provides industryleading groundbased autonomous solutions perfect for precision crop protection, field scouting, and onfarm material delivery. The XAG R150 is designed with a powerful scalability and multiple operation modes, offering unmanned operations with smart control, one system for multiple jobs, a modular and extensible design, and optional payload systems.

Users can enjoy a highspeed jet spraying with precise and efficient control, thanks to its easy palm control and simple to use interface. It also features a powerful momentum, traversing various terrains, automated delivery, and handsfree operations. To ensure durability, the XAG R150 is equipped with a highstrength integration steel frame and roll cage, as well as a customizable design for agricultural scenarios and adjustable ground clearance of the chassis to move between dense orchards. It also features a highly modular design allowing users to switch between different wheel sets to adapt to various terrains and an IP67 waterproof and dustresistant rating for easy cleaning and maintenance. With the use of highperformance motors, the XAG R150 can unleash strong momentum and traverse with ease.
  • Max. torque at 1000 newton-metres
  • High-performance brushless motor
  • Instantaneous power output for superior off-road performance
  • Electronic parking brake system
  • Brake cut off to ensure safe, reliable driving
  • 1000 Newton-metres
  • 1.2 m/s standard operational speed
  • 150 kg load capacity
  • 0.7 meters minimum turning diameter
  • K high-accuracy navigation
  • Autonomous driving at centimetre-level precision
  • Optical positioning aided
  • Keeps navigating without signal
  • AI mobility control
  • Intelligent road condition prediction
  • Real-time transmission
  • High-speed 4G + wireless networking
  • Precise spraying in every direction
  • When equipped with XAG JetSprayer™ System, R150 can conduct fully autonomous crop spraying operations with maximum efficiency of 5 hectares per hour
  • 100 liters smart liquid tank
  • 12 meters max. spray width
  • 60-200 μm adjustable atomization level
  • 4.8 L/min rated flow (dual pump)
Note: Maximum operational efficiency is measured under the condition that the ground vehicle continuously operates on plain fields with the speed of 1.2 m/s and spray width of 12 m.

Price of XAG R150: $27,000 (vehicle only)
includes: XAG R150 unmanned ground vehicle, ASC hand held controller, Control Module 4x B13860S, XAG Smart Battery, CM12500P Super Charger, RTK Mobile Stations

Price of XAG R150: $31,000 (spray model) 

R150 XAUV Control Module$250
R150 Spray Module (L)$3,500
R150 Spray Module (R)$3,500
R150 Extension Module$1,200
R150 Transportation Rack$550

Some of the main benefits include of using UAVs:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity: UAVs can help farmers to perform tasks such as crop mapping, crop health monitoring, and irrigation management more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods. This can save time and labor, and it can also help to increase crop yields.
  • Cost savings: UAVs can be less expensive to operate than other types of agricultural machinery, such as tractors or aerial crop dusters. This can help farmers to save money on their operations and increase their profitability.
  • Precision agriculture: UAVs are equipped with sensors and cameras that can collect detailed data about crops and soil conditions. This data can help farmers to identify areas of their fields that need more attention or resources, and it can also help them to optimize their irrigation and fertilization strategies.
  • Environmental benefits: UAVs can help farmers to reduce the amount of water, pesticides, and other inputs that are used on their crops. This can help to protect the environment and reduce the impact of agriculture on natural resources.

Overall, UAVs can be a valuable tool for farmers, helping them to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations while also reducing costs and protecting the environment.