Hugo RT Gen. III: Autonomous Fruit Transporter

Hugo RT Gen. III facilitates efficient soft fruit logistics by delivering and collecting trays autonomously across farms. This mobile robot combines AI and robust design to support pickers in diverse agricultural environments.


As the agricultural sector continues to evolve, technology plays an increasingly crucial role in streamlining operations. The Hugo RT Gen. III by Fox Robotics exemplifies this trend, offering a sophisticated solution to the challenges of soft fruit logistics. This autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is specifically engineered to enhance the efficiency and safety of fruit transportation on farms, adapting seamlessly to the unique conditions of fields and polytunnels.

Operational Capabilities
Equipped to meet the high demands of modern agriculture, the Hugo RT Gen. III impresses with its substantial carrying and towing capacities. Its design facilitates a variety of tasks, from delivering empty trays to pickers in the fields to transporting full trays back to collection points, all while navigating the rugged terrain of agricultural environments.

Enhanced Navigation and Safety
Safety and reliability are at the forefront of the Hugo RT Gen. III’s design. It features advanced AI that enables it to distinguish between humans, drivable paths, and obstacles, ensuring safe operation around farm personnel. The inclusion of comprehensive emergency stop mechanisms and safety bumpers further underscores its commitment to operational security.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 107 cm in length by 63 cm in width
  • Speed: Maximum speed of 3 meters per second
  • Capacity: Can carry up to 200 kg and tow up to 500 kg
  • Weatherproofing: Fully equipped to handle adverse weather conditions
  • Battery Life: Powered by two removable and rechargeable batteries
  • Connectivity: Features 3G and 4G capabilities to maintain constant communication

About Fox Robotics
Fox Robotics, a pioneering force in agricultural robotics, has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation since its inception. Based in the United States, the company has garnered recognition for its contributions to making farming more efficient and sustainable. With a history steeped in technological breakthroughs, Fox Robotics remains committed to delivering solutions that are both advanced and practical for modern agriculture.

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Sustainable Impact
The deployment of the Hugo RT Gen. III on farms not only optimizes operations but also contributes to environmental sustainability. By reducing the reliance on traditional fuel-powered vehicles and minimizing manual labor, the robot helps decrease the overall carbon footprint of farming operations, aligning with broader goals of sustainability in agriculture.