Luna TRIC: UV Light Pest Control Robot

Luna TRIC Robotics enhances agricultural pest management with its ultraviolet light technology, offering a chemical-free alternative to traditional methods. This innovation supports sustainable agriculture by reducing chemical use and enhancing crop safety.


Luna TRIC Robotics leverages advanced ultraviolet light technology in durable, tractor-scale autonomous robots to provide sustainable pest control solutions for agriculture. This technology offers a compelling alternative to chemical pesticides, particularly beneficial in the cultivation of sensitive crops such as strawberries.

Integrated UV Technology for Pest Management

Luna TRIC Robotics employs ultraviolet light as a primary tool for pest and disease control on farms. This method is highly effective against common agricultural pathogens like botrytis, which can significantly impact crop yield.

Key Benefits:

  • Chemical-Free Treatment: UV light replaces harmful chemical treatments, promoting a healthier, organic approach to farming.
  • Consistent Effectiveness: Unlike chemicals, UV light does not lose efficacy, ensuring long-term reliability in pest management.

Robust Design Tailored for Agriculture

The robots are engineered to withstand the variable conditions typical of agricultural settings, ensuring reliability through all seasons.

Design Features:

  • Terrain Adaptability: The machines can navigate various terrains without disrupting the crops, thanks to elevated tires and adaptive design.
  • Autonomous Operation: With minimal human intervention needed, these robots offer a safe, efficient, and consistent application of treatments.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Variations: From the initial proof of concept in 2019 to the latest Luna models.
  • Coverage Capacity: Capabilities range from treating 1 acre to 100 acres depending on the model.
  • Functionality: Includes UV treatment and options for bug vacuuming and real-time analytics.

Enhancing Farm Efficiency and Sustainability

By reducing chemical use, Luna TRIC Robotics not only supports organic farming practices but also improves the environmental sustainability of farm operations.

Environmental and Operational Advantages:

  • Support for Organic Farming: The UV treatment allows farmers to meet strict organic standards.
  • Improved Worker Safety: Eliminates the health risks associated with chemical pesticide use, ensuring a safer work environment.

About Luna TRIC Robotics

Founded by Adam Stager, Luna TRIC Robotics is committed to revolutionizing agricultural practices through automation and innovative technology. The company is based in the United States and has been a pioneer in integrating robotics into daily farming operations.

Insights into the Company:

  • Mission: To automate farm processes to enhance productivity and sustainability.
  • Journey: Began with small-scale prototypes and has since scaled up to large, multi-functional robots used across various states.

Please visit: Luna TRIC Robotics website for more information.