Sonalika Tiger Electric: Eco-Friendly Tractor

Sonalika Tiger Electric is India’s pioneering electric tractor, offering an eco-friendly alternative for sustainable and efficient farming practices. It combines high torque and low operating costs.


The Sonalika Tiger Electric marks a significant advancement in agricultural technology, catering to modern farms’ need for sustainable and efficient machinery. As India’s first field-ready electric tractor, it showcases a blend of innovative design and environmental consciousness, making it a pivotal asset for eco-friendly farming practices.

Performance and Efficiency

The Tiger Electric is equipped with a high-performance E Trac motor, specifically engineered in Germany to provide superior efficiency. This electric motor ensures smooth operation and robust output, essential for various agricultural tasks.

Optimized Energy Use One of the most compelling attributes of the Tiger Electric is its energy-efficient system, which significantly reduces the cost of operation. By leveraging electric power, farmers can achieve up to a 25% reduction in running costs compared to traditional diesel-powered tractors.

Adaptable Charging Solutions The tractor’s battery system is designed for versatility, supporting both standard and fast charging options. This flexibility ensures that the tractor can be readily charged and ready for use, adhering to the demanding schedules of modern agriculture.

Design and Ergonomics

With a focus on operator comfort and safety, the Tiger Electric incorporates several features to enhance the user experience. These include an ergonomically designed seat and a user-friendly interface, which collectively reduce fatigue and increase productivity during long working hours.

Safety Features Enhanced safety is achieved through the inclusion of advanced twin barrel headlamps and reliable oil-immersed brakes, providing optimal visibility and control in various working conditions, particularly in low light.

Environmental Impact

The zero-emission operation of the Tiger Electric stands out, underscoring its role in promoting sustainable farming practices. By eliminating pollutants, this tractor helps in maintaining cleaner air and a healthier environment on the farm.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor Type: E Trac, German-engineered
  • Power Output: 11 kW
  • Maximum Speed: 24.9 km/h
  • Battery Capacity: 250-350 A
  • Charging Time: Standard 10 hours, Fast 4 hours
  • Lifting Capacity: 500 kg

About Sonalika

Sonalika, a renowned leader in the agricultural machinery industry, is headquartered in India and has a rich history of innovation and quality. Known for its commitment to enhancing farming through technology, Sonalika continues to invest in research and development to meet global agricultural demands.

For additional insights and details about their range of products, please visit: Sonalika’s website.