Solectrac e25G Gear: Electric Utility Tractor

The Solectrac e25G Gear Electric Tractor represents a significant advancement in agricultural machinery, offering a sustainable, powerful alternative to traditional diesel tractors. It provides a cost-effective solution for daily farm operations, from tilling to mowing, with its robust electric motor and full-day operational capability.


The Solectrac e25G Gear Electric Tractor marks a pivotal step towards integrating sustainability with agricultural productivity. This tractor not only embodies the principles of eco-friendliness and efficiency but also offers a comprehensive package designed to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture. With an emphasis on innovation and environmental responsibility, the e25G Gear stands out as a compelling choice for farmers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on performance.

A New Era of Farming

The agricultural sector is at a crossroads, facing the dual challenges of increasing productivity while reducing environmental impact. The Solectrac e25G Gear Electric Tractor represents a significant advancement in addressing these challenges. Powered by clean, renewable energy, this tractor offers a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel-powered machines, providing a practical solution for a wide range of agricultural tasks.

Power and Efficiency

At the heart of the Solectrac e25G Gear is its robust electric motor, capable of delivering the power and efficiency needed for day-long operations. Unlike conventional tractors, the e25G Gear’s electric engine produces instant torque, ensuring smooth and responsive performance across all types of terrain. The tractor’s battery system is designed for longevity and durability, offering a full day’s work on a single charge and reducing the downtime associated with refueling.

Versatility in Application

The e25G Gear is engineered to adapt to various agricultural needs, from routine farm maintenance to more specialized tasks like soil preparation and crop management. Its compatibility with a range of attachments, including backhoes and front loaders, enhances its utility, making it a versatile tool for farmers, municipalities, and recreational facilities alike.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor Type: Brushless AC Induction
  • Power Output: 25 HP / 19 kW
  • Battery Capacity: 350AH, 72V Li NMC
  • Operational Runtime: Full day on a single charge
  • Charging Time: 5.5 hours (Level 2, 220 VAC)
  • Max Torque: 90Nm (66 ft*lbs)
  • PTO: Under 20 HP / 15 kW, 540 RPM
  • Hydraulic Flow: 14.4 lpm (3.8 gpm)
  • Lift Capacity: 992 lbs (450 kg) at lower link end
  • Dimensions: Length: 108 in., Width: 46 in., Height w/ ROPS: 86.9 in.

Sustainable Farming

The e25G Gear is not just an agricultural tool; it’s part of a larger movement towards sustainable farming practices. By using electric power, farmers can significantly reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, decreasing both operational costs and environmental impact. The tractor’s efficient use of energy and low maintenance requirements further contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective farming model.

About Solectrac

Founded in the United States, Solectrac has emerged as a leader in the field of electric farming equipment. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company has been at the forefront of developing agricultural solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but also cater to the evolving needs of modern farming. Solectrac’s dedication to quality and performance is evident in the e25G Gear Electric Tractor, embodying the company’s vision for a cleaner, more sustainable agricultural industry.

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