Agri.Builders Pherodrone: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Agri.Builders’ Pherodrone offers a sustainable alternative to pesticides by deploying hormone-releasing rings via drones to protect crops. This advanced technology supports eco-friendly farming practices by providing targeted, effective pest control without chemical use.


Agri.Builders’ Pherodrone represents an innovative fusion of drone technology and sustainable agriculture, aimed at reducing dependency on traditional pesticides. Through a blend of advanced 3D printing techniques and meticulous engineering, this drone-based system offers a new pathway to protect crops through the dispersion of pheromones, leveraging nature’s own mechanisms to ensure crop safety while preserving the surrounding ecosystem.

The Genesis of Pherodrone: Bridging Technology and Ecology

In the verdant expanses of Lyon’s countryside, a novel approach to agriculture has taken flight. Agri.Builders, initiated by a group of visionary engineering students, has harnessed the potential of drone technology to create the Pherodrone. This system deploys drones equipped with 3D-printed attachments that release hormone-infused rings onto crops, specifically targeting almond trees to prevent pest infestation. The method stands out for its dual benefit: safeguarding the produce and conserving the insect population, thereby contributing positively to biodiversity.

A Sustainable Alternative to Chemical Pesticides

Traditional agricultural practices have long relied on chemical pesticides, posing risks to the environment, wildlife, and human health. Pherodrone emerges as a sustainable alternative, using pheromones to disrupt the mating cycles of pests without introducing harmful substances into the ecosystem. This approach aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly farming practices, offering a solution that protects crops while minimizing ecological footprints.

Technical Specifications

  • Drone Model: DJI M200 series
  • Printing Technology: BCN3D Epsilon W27 with Smart Cabinet for optimized material handling
  • Material for Drone Attachments: Primarily PLA for prototyping and ABS for final structural components
  • Ring Weight: 10 grams each
  • Ring Coverage Area: 100×100 meters
  • Operational Capacity: Up to 60 rings per flight
  • Application Season: Primarily during May, April, and June
  • Key Features: Water resistance, UV resistance, high mechanical and impact resistance for durable field performance

Nurturing Innovation: The Journey of Agri.Builders

Originating from an ambitious project at Groupama, Agri.Builders has evolved from the collaborative efforts of Antoine Duchemin, Antoine Boudon, and Alexis Trubert. Their journey underscores a commitment to leveraging technology for agricultural advancements. The startup has rapidly transitioned from using off-the-shelf drones to developing proprietary models equipped with custom software solutions, marking significant strides towards automating and enhancing the precision of crop protection methods.

About Agri.Builders

Country: France
Foundation: Stemming from a collaborative project initiated in 2017, Agri.Builders was founded by a team of engineering students with a vision to integrate technological innovation into sustainable agriculture practices.
Mission: To facilitate agricultural tasks through drone-based solutions, reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides and fostering a healthier ecosystem.
Insights: With a focus on continuous development and partnership with agricultural cooperatives and research centers, Agri.Builders is committed to exploring new solutions such as the sterilized insect release to further enhance ecological farming practices.

For more detailed information on Agri.Builders and their innovative approach to agriculture, please visit: Agri.Builders’ website.