DJI AGRAS T25: Compact Agricultural Drone


The DJI AGRAS T25 drone streamlines agricultural operations with its compact design, capable of precise spraying and effective spreading. It features a dual atomizing spray system that can deliver a flow rate of up to 24 L/min and supports a spreading payload of 25 kg, ensuring efficient coverage and reduced operational times across varied agricultural settings.

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The DJI AGRAS T25 drone is a marvel of engineering in the field of compact agricultural drones, providing a perfect blend of functionality and ease of use, tailored specifically for various agricultural needs. The price of the DJI Agras T25 drone is at around $10,000 or 10,000€.

Sophisticated Aerial Spraying and Spreading

Equipped with advanced features, the DJI AGRAS T25 excels in both spraying and spreading operations:

  • Dual Atomizing Spray System: Capable of a high flow rate up to 24 L/min with optional four nozzles, ensuring effective coverage with fine, uniform droplets.
  • Enhanced Spreader: Handles up to 25 kg of payload with a precise flow rate of 72 kg/min, utilizing a spiral channel spinning disk for even distribution.: Coverage: The DJI AGRAS T25 can cover up to 12 hectares per hour. This efficiency allows for quick and extensive coverage, ideal for large-scale agricultural tasks.Field Operations
  • Spreading Operation: Capacity: The drone is capable of spreading up to 1000 kg of granular material per hour. This high capacity ensures rapid and uniform distribution of materials such as fertilizers or seeds across large areas.


Designed for Operational Efficiency

This drone’s lightweight and foldable design allows for easy single-person operation. Key features include:

  • Optimal Size for Maneuverability: Simplifies launches and landings, even in restricted spaces.
  • Rapid Deployment: Quickly folds and unfolds for immediate use, reducing setup time significantly.

Navigational Excellence in Rugged Terrains

The AGRAS T25 is well-suited for challenging environments:

  • Advanced Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with both front and rear phased-array radars and binocular vision systems, enhancing safety and reliability during flights.
  • Terrain Following Capability: Automatically adjusts to maintain optimal height over uneven landscapes up to a 50° slope, perfect for hilly terrains.

Comprehensive Control Options

  • Versatile Flight Modes: Offers both fully automatic and manual operations, allowing tailored applications from detailed surveying to intensive spraying and spreading.
  • Adaptive Dispersion Modes: Includes specific settings for orchards, providing adjustable dispersion rates to meet diverse agricultural demands.

High-Performance Technical Specifications

  • Spraying Capacity: Up to 20 kg with a flow rate of 16 L/min, expandable to 24 L/min with additional nozzles.
  • Spreading Capacity: 25 kg payload with an efficient spread rate of 72 kg/min.
  • Robust Communication: Features a 2 km range with the O3 transmission system, ensuring stable and reliable control.

Reliability and Maintenance

The AGRAS T25 has undergone extensive reliability testing to ensure durable performance under intensive usage:

  • Easy Maintenance: Quick disassembly features allow for straightforward cleaning and maintenance.
  • Proven Durability: Built to withstand rigorous agricultural tasks, ensuring long-term operational stability.

Advanced Monitoring and Mapping Technologies

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Equipped with an FPV gimbal camera for real-time environmental monitoring and operational safety.
  • Smart Mapping: Supports detailed aerial surveys with automatic obstacle and boundary detection, optimizing flight planning and execution.

About DJI

DJI’s agricultural drones are not just about aerial coverage. They integrate advanced technologies to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and increase crop yields. These drones are equipped with sophisticated systems for precise spraying, seeding, and health monitoring of crops through multispectral imaging technology. This enables farmers to make informed decisions that lead to improved productivity and sustainability.

Expanding Capabilities and Reach

With a fleet of over 200,000 agricultural drones actively deployed by the end of 2022, DJI has significantly influenced the farming sector. These drones cover millions of hectares, demonstrating DJI’s pivotal role in promoting intelligent agriculture practices globally. DJI has crafted drones capable of performing complex tasks such as crop spraying, field mapping, and real-time monitoring, proving essential for resource management and minimizing environmental impact.