XAG P150 – The Elite Agricultural Drone (2024)

The new XAG Drone P150 (2024): A multifunctional agricultural drone. With features like a 70 kg payload, intelligent control, and various operational modes, it’s your solution for economic, flexible, and efficient agricultural production.

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XAG’s P150 is a masterclass in agricultural drone technology, designed to elevate efficiency in various farming tasks. It incorporates the best of XAG’s advancements in drone technology, offering a blend of performance and user-friendly operation.

Spraying System – Precise, Uniform, Efficient

The all-new XAG SuperRice Spray System on the P150 achieves precise, uniform, and highly efficient spraying performance, excelling in large open fields and orchards alike.

  • Industry-leading 30 liters/min max flow rate ensures excellent coverage even at high flight speeds
  • Up to 4 centrifugal nozzles can be added, combined with the powerful thrust generated by the quadcopter rotors, thoroughly penetrates dense orchard canopies with leaves sprayed evenly front and back
  • 60 liter standard medicine tank, optionally upgradeable to 70 liters
  • 30 liters/min high flow rate
  • 5-10 meter effective spray width
  • 60-400 micron centrifugal atomization particle size

Innovative flexible impeller pump with 300 hour lifespan, durable and cost-effective. Intelligent spray tank utilizes water pressure sensor to accurately detect remaining fluid levels. Upgraded nozzles further enhance atomization uniformity.

Sowing System – Potent Performance

Sowing operations place high demands on drone capabilities. The P150 paired with the all-new XAG SuperRice Sowing System can spread one bag of fertilizer in just 11 seconds, greatly boosting efficiency. Compatible with 3 types of spiral drives to meet various spreading needs like fertilizing, seeding, feeding, and powder spraying.

  • 115 liter extra large hopper
  • 280 kg/min max material discharge rate
  • 8 meter effective broadcast width
  • 13.8 m/s max working speed

Oscillating vertical spreader plate gives particles a quick downward acceleration, delivering strong wind resistance for seamless carpet-style spreading without gaps or overlaps.

3 interchangeable spiral augers cater to different spreading tasks. Enlarged dual fill ports for faster and easier loading.

Transportation System – Agile Delivery

The P150 equipped with the XAG SuperRice Transportation System offers both sling and compartment transport methods for quick loading/unloading and efficient haulage. Helps users overcome terrain and distance constraints, reducing labor intensity and costs.

  • 65 kg max load
  • 30 meter max flight height
  • 13.8 m/s max flight speed

Automatic hook latching for safe transportation. One-click cargo release triggered when payload contacts the ground.

Surveying System – Rapid Mapping

The XAG SuperRice Mapping System enables fully autonomous flight and imaging, generating high precision maps covering up to 200 acres in one go, easily fulfilling farmland and orchard survey missions and boosting work efficiency.

  • One-click flight planning
  • Rapid in-field mapping without internet connection
  • 3D flight path auto-generated

Alternatively utilize the XAG XRTK6 handheld surveyor for ground marker placement.

SuperX 5 Pro Smart Control System

The further enhanced SuperX 5 Pro flight controller utilizes automotive-grade chips, with 10 times the computing power of the previous generation, driving advanced environment perception, flight control, data transmission, and RTK navigation capabilities for strengthened autonomous flight and operational efficiency.


Key Features:

  • Precision Obstacle Avoidance: All-new 4D imaging radar accurately detects obstacles 1.5-100 meters ahead.
  • Safe Landing: Bottom-view sensors record takeoff point features and detect abnormalities.
  • 3D Autonomous Flight: The P150 can conduct terrain following and contour flight in complex mountainous scenes without pre-loaded maps, aided by AI adaptive learning for continuously optimized performance over time.

Rugged Integrated Structure

The P150 airframe artfully blends industrial design and material engineering, achieving an optimized balance of utility, durability and affordability. The simplified modular assembly also enables easier maintenance, transport and replacement of components.

Design Highlights

  • Brand new structure with enhanced stability and reliability
  • 60 inch extra-large propellers deliver high efficiency and low noise
  • Separable modular platform supports flexible spraying, sowing, surveying and hauling applications
  • Foldable arms for more convenient transportation
  • IPX6K protection rating allows the entire airframe to be washed, reducing chemical residue

Diverse Control Options

XAG Agriculture Management System 5.0: Supports fully autonomous operations, simple enough for new users:

  • Auto flight path planning
  • Multi-drone control
  • Multi-area stitching
  • Remote multi-user monitoring and data synchronization

XAG ACS4 Smart Controller: Intuitively compact controller with safety features

  • One-click operation after power on
  • Battery safety lock
  • 12 hour ultra-long battery life

XAG SRC4 Controller: Versatile manual and assisted control:

  • 6 inch 2K high-brightness adjustable display
  • 5 hour battery for worry-free extended use
  • Supports app and FPV camera integration
  • Hovering design avoids affecting manual control

Rapid Charging, Dual Battery Cycling:

Agricultural operations require timeliness above all. Faster charging translates directly into higher productivity in the field. The P150 supports various charging methods, with the specialized mist cooling technique enabling charges of just 8 minutes. Economical and eco-friendly new energy charging options are also available for sustainable operation.

Together with two sets of intelligent batteries, the P150 can cycle flights continuously without interruption.

Charging & Power Specifications

  • B13970S Smart Batteries
    — 975 Wh capacity — 1500 charge cycles — Integrated construction with enhanced protection
  • Battery Mist Cooler Box
    — Rapid heat dissipation through mist evaporation
    — One box of water lasts 6-8 hours
  • GC4000+ Mobile Super Charging Station — Excellent fuel efficiency with compact form
    — Multi-layer charging protection
    — Displays working hours and next oil change time
  • CM13600 Charger — 3.4 KW output power — Lightweight at 4.2 kg — Fully charges battery in 15 minutes
  • CM210600 New Energy Vehicle Charger — 10 KW output power, supports double charging — Reduces energy loss through DC conversion — Compatible with most new energy vehicle models
  • CM15300D Energy Storage Charger — Works with >72V & 15KWh storage batteries — Monitors status with overload/overheat protection

With robust capabilities tailored for the modern farm, along with intelligent features continuously upgraded through firmware, the XAG P150 ushers in the future of high efficiency agriculture.

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