Hagie STS Sprayer: High-Clearance Precision

The Hagie STS Sprayer combines high clearance with advanced spraying technology, offering a solution system that ensures precise application and efficiency in agricultural operations. Its integration with John Deere’s cutting-edge technology enhances operational flexibility and performance.


The Hagie STS Sprayer series exemplifies the pinnacle of agricultural innovation, combining the high clearance necessary for diverse crop management with state-of-the-art John Deere technology. This integration marks a significant advancement in precision agriculture, offering unparalleled efficiency and control to the modern farmer.

Innovative Spraying Solution

Central to the Hagie STS Sprayer’s appeal is its innovative solution control system, designed to ensure precise chemical application across varied terrain and crop conditions. The predictive pump control and the PowrSpray solution control system are at the heart of this, providing faster target rate achievement and ensuring optimal efficiency and reduced waste.

The hybrid front boom is a testament to Hagie’s commitment to innovation and quality. Combining steel and aluminum, it offers the durability needed for heavy-duty use while minimizing weight for better control and visibility. This thoughtful design extends to hose and plumbing routing, enhancing operator visibility and boom cleanliness.

CommandDrive™ for Enhanced Maneuverability

The CommandDrive system represents a leap forward in sprayer mobility and control. By providing real-time traction control and allowing for infinite field speed adjustability, it ensures the Hagie STS Sprayer can navigate diverse agricultural landscapes with ease. This system significantly reduces the risk of crop damage during application, further underscoring the sprayer’s efficiency.

Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

Acknowledging the importance of operator comfort, Hagie has equipped the STS Sprayer with the Ultimate Comfort and Convenience package. This package includes features such as a leather seat with massage, heating, and cooling options, and significantly improved visibility and control placement. These enhancements make long hours in the field more manageable and less taxing, thereby increasing productivity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Solution System Capacity: 1600 gallons
  • Rinse Tank Capacity: 160 gallons
  • Boom Length Options/Material: Hybrid steel and aluminum
  • Engine Power: 400 hp
  • Crop Clearance: 74 inches
  • Total Weight (Empty): 32,700 lb

About Hagie Manufacturing

Founded in the heart of America’s agricultural landscape, Hagie Manufacturing has established itself as a leader in agricultural equipment innovation. With a rich history dating back to its founding, Hagie has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of precision agriculture. The collaboration with John Deere has further amplified this mission, blending Hagie’s pioneering spirit with John Deere’s technological prowess and extensive support network.

The introduction of the STS Sprayer series is a testament to this successful partnership, offering farmers around the world the ability to perform more efficiently and sustainably.

For more information on Hagie’s innovative solutions and the STS Sprayer series, please visit: Hagie Manufacturing’s website and John Deere’s website.