Onafis: Wine and Beer Monitoring System

Onafis offers a comprehensive monitoring solution for wines and beers, utilizing advanced sensors to track aging processes and fermentation kinetics. This system aids in precise quality control and operational efficiency in the beverage industry.


Onafis by My Baccus introduces a sophisticated system engineered to enhance the monitoring and management of wine and beer aging processes. This advanced technology offers users the capability to track, monitor, and analyze the evolution of their beverages continuously and remotely, ensuring optimal conditions for quality and consistency.

Aging and Fermentation Monitoring

Onafis employs cutting-edge sensors to deliver comprehensive data on various critical parameters that influence the aging and fermentation of alcoholic beverages. By integrating these technologies, Onafis provides beverage producers with the tools needed to maintain high standards of quality.

Aging Monitoring Features:

  • Advanced Sensor Technology: Onafis utilizes state-of-the-art sensors to monitor internal and external temperatures, humidity levels, atmospheric pressure, and microbiological activity. These sensors help in identifying microclimates within cellars, which is crucial for implementing precise climate control strategies.
  • Microbiological Risk Detection: This feature stands out as the world’s first microbiological risk detection system in the industry. It offers timely alerts for the proliferation of Brettanomyces and shifts in volatile acidity, which are vital for preventing spoilage and ensuring the safety of aging processes.

Fermentation Monitoring Innovations:

  • Automated Kinetics: The system includes Densios, an automated density meter that continuously measures density and temperature during fermentation. This automation allows for real-time tracking of fermentation kinetics, reducing the reliance on manual sampling and increasing responsiveness to any fermentation anomalies.

Application and Data Integration

The Onafis system is supported by a user-friendly management interface that simplifies the complexity of data handling. It ensures that all the information captured by the probes is easily accessible and actionable.

Data Management and Accessibility:

  • Secure Data Storage: All data collected is transmitted securely to Onafis servers, where it is stored indefinitely. This allows producers to access historical data for long-term analysis and decision-making.
  • Digital Cellar Book: This feature provides a simple yet effective traceability system that enhances the utility of the data collected, helping winemakers and brewers to maintain detailed records of their production variables.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensors: Density, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, microbiological detection
  • Materials: Robust, high-quality sensors suitable for challenging cellar environments
  • Connectivity: Features include cloud-based data syncing and real-time alerts to mobile devices

About My Baccus

My Baccus has carved a niche in the beverage industry by developing innovative solutions tailored to the needs of winemakers and brewers. The company’s commitment to quality and technological advancement is evident in the design and capabilities of the Onafis system.

Insights into My Baccus:

  • Origin: My Baccus is headquartered in the heart of one of the most renowned wine-producing regions, bringing years of industry expertise and a deep understanding of winemaking and brewing challenges.
  • Innovation and Commitment: The company is dedicated to improving the efficiency and quality of beverage production through continuous innovation and a customer-focused approach.

Please visit: My Baccus’s website for more information.