Growsensor: Advanced Cannabis Grow Sensor

Growsensor streamlines cannabis growth with precise environmental control, featuring advanced sensors for moisture, light, and VPD management. This tool enables detailed monitoring and adjustment capabilities for superior crop health.


Growsensor offers an innovative approach to indoor cannabis cultivation, ensuring that growers can precisely manage their grow environment for optimal plant health and yield. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes Growsensor a valuable tool for cannabis growers:

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring

The core strength of Growsensor lies in its comprehensive monitoring system, which tracks critical environmental parameters essential for cannabis growth. By integrating sensors for light (PPFD), moisture, and vapor pressure deficit (VPD), Growsensor provides a holistic view of the grow environment, enabling growers to make informed decisions quickly.

Soil Moisture and EC Monitoring

Maintaining the correct soil moisture and electrical conductivity (EC) is crucial for cannabis health. Growsensor’s advanced sensors deliver real-time data, allowing for the precise adjustment of irrigation and nutrient delivery, thereby optimizing water usage and enhancing nutrient uptake by plants.

Advanced Light Management

Proper lighting is vital for maximizing photosynthesis and ensuring robust plant growth. Growsensor’s PPFD meter helps monitor and adjust light intensity according to plant growth stages, which is crucial for developing dense, healthy cannabis flowers.

Optimizing VPD for Plant Health

VPD plays a significant role in plant transpiration and nutrient absorption. Growsensor ensures that the grow environment maintains an ideal VPD, promoting effective transpiration without stressing the plant, which is key to vigorous growth and high yields.

Technical Specifications

  • PPFD Measurement: Full-spectrum quantum PAR sensor
  • Soil Moisture Sensing: High accuracy with real-time data updates
  • VPD Control: Automated monitoring and adjustment capabilities
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi enabled for easy integration
  • Build: Robust, suitable for various growing mediums

About GrowSensor

GrowSensor is based in the United States and has been at the forefront of agricultural technology since its inception. With a focus on creating user-friendly, high-tech solutions for cannabis growers, GrowSensor is dedicated to improving cultivation practices through innovation and quality engineering.

Please visit: GrowSensor’s website for more information on their products and technologies.