Eden TRIC Robotics: UV Pest Control System

Eden TRIC Robotics provides a tractor-scale, autonomous pest and disease control solution using UV light, tailored for sustainable strawberry farming. This innovative technology ensures effective management without chemicals.


In agriculture, where sustainability is increasingly paramount, Eden TRIC Robotics emerges as a transformative force in pest and disease management. This system utilizes ultraviolet light to offer a chemical-free solution, specifically engineered for large-scale operations like those found in strawberry farming. The integration of advanced autonomy with traditional farming practices marks a significant step forward in agricultural technology.

Understanding Eden TRIC Robotics

Eden TRIC Robotics harnesses UV light to effectively control pests and diseases, offering an organic alternative to chemical pesticides. This technology is especially crucial for crops like strawberries, where the balance of yield and plant health is delicate. By employing UV light, Eden not only reduces the chemical load in the environment but also improves the quality and quantity of the yield.

Innovative Features and Benefits

Autonomous Technology

The backbone of Eden’s success lies in its autonomous operation. Equipped with sensors and GPS, the robots can navigate through fields independently, ensuring consistent and precise application of UV light. This technology drastically reduces the need for manual labor while increasing the efficiency and safety of pest control operations.

Durable and Adaptable Design

Designed to endure the rigors of farm life, Eden robots are built with robust materials capable of withstanding varied weather conditions and terrains. Their design mimics that of traditional farm equipment, making them a familiar sight on the farm while incorporating modern technological advancements.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Eden TRIC Robotics
  • Operation: Fully autonomous with GPS navigation
  • Features: UV light treatment, autonomous navigation, bug vacuum (optional)
  • Coverage: Up to 100 acres per unit
  • Dimensions: Compatible with standard farm layouts
  • Power Source: Diesel generator with optional battery support
  • Construction: Steel frame with high-durability wheels

Sustainable Impact

By eliminating chemicals, Eden provides an environmentally friendly solution that benefits both the farm and the surrounding ecosystem. The reduction in chemical use not only preserves the natural soil quality but also protects local wildlife and water sources from contamination.

About TRIC Robotics

Founded in the United States by Adam Stager, TRIC Robotics has committed itself to pioneering sustainable farming solutions. The company’s journey began with a simple prototype and has since evolved into a leader in agricultural automation. TRIC’s approach is deeply rooted in collaboration with the farming community, ensuring that their innovations meet the real-world needs of modern agriculture.

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