drones agrícolas

Agricultural drones, also known as ag drones or agribots, are a type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is used in the agriculture industry.

These drones are equipped with sensors and cameras that can collect data about crops, soil, and other factors that are important for agriculture. A

gricultural drones are typically used for tasks such as crop mapping, crop health monitoring, and irrigation management. They can help farmers to make more informed decisions about their crops and to improve the efficiency and productivity of their farms. Agricultural drones can also be used for tasks such as pest control and herbicide application.

O rápido aprimoramento tecnológico se beneficia do atual boom de drones de consumo.

Drone technology can bring down resource requirements like chemicals or mechanical intervention. Drones are also used for analyzing fields, then combined with imagery computing it allows better decision making for the farmer.

Drones such as eBee de SenseFly, Helicópteros RMAX da Yamaha e drones agrícolas personalizados por PrecisionHawk e 3DR e outros, fornecem aos agricultores informações detalhadas sobre suas fazendas e estabelecem um novo paradigma para a agricultura, proporcionando um futuro promissor para as fazendas digitais do novo mundo.

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