AgriVitech: Integrated Agro-Food Solutions

AgriVitech streamlines agribusiness operations with its integrated digital solutions, supporting e-commerce, optimized transport, and secure transactions. This platform caters specifically to agricultural cooperatives and agro-industry enterprises.


AgriVitech offers comprehensive digital solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency in the agro-food industry. By integrating web and mobile technologies, the platform supports e-commerce, optimized transportation, and secure transaction processing tailored to the needs of agribusinesses of all sizes.

Efficient E-Supply Chain Management

AgriVitech’s platform enables agricultural cooperatives and companies to open e-commerce channels specifically for farmer supplies. It supports the deployment of web and mobile marketplaces, allowing farmers to purchase supplies online conveniently. This integration enhances the accessibility and efficiency of supply chain management, crucial for timely agricultural operations.

Secure Transaction Processing

The platform ensures the security of collection activities through its SaaS platform, which is connected in real-time to financial markets like MATIF/Euronext. It also incorporates legal e-signatures to validate transactions and agreements securely and efficiently, ensuring compliance and trust in digital operations.

Transportation Optimization

AgriVitech excels in reducing logistical costs and environmental impact through its advanced route optimization algorithms. These tools not only help in planning and executing delivery routes efficiently but also support sustainable practices by minimizing CO2 emissions. The dedicated Fleet app enhances delivery operations by providing real-time guidance to drivers, including functionalities for remote signing and photo verification in the absence of recipients.

Supply Usage Optimization

The platform fosters a circular economy by enabling the trade of unused supplies among farmers. This feature supports the traceability of exchanges, reducing waste and costs associated with returns. It strengthens the community aspect of cooperatives by promoting resource-sharing and sustainability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Real-time SaaS Platform: Connected to MATIF/Euronext for up-to-date financial data.
  • Legal E-Signature Integration: Ensures secure and compliant digital transactions.
  • Route Optimization Algorithm: Optimizes delivery routes to save time and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Mobile Application Support: Available on iOS and Android, functioning even in offline modes.
  • Supply Exchange Platform: Facilitates the trading of unused agricultural supplies among farmers.

About AgriVitech

Founded on the principle of enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the agro-food industry, AgriVitech has become a key player in the digital transformation of agriculture. With clients like Ceresia, Vivescia, and Cap Vert, the company has demonstrated its ability to deliver robust and effective solutions tailored to the complex needs of agribusinesses. Based in a region renowned for its agricultural innovation, AgriVitech leverages deep industry insights and cutting-edge technology to empower its clients.

For more information about our innovative solutions and their impact on agribusiness, please visit: AgriVitech’s website.

AgriVitech remains committed to its mission of providing scalable digital solutions that enhance productivity and sustainability in agriculture, aligning with global trends towards more integrated and efficient agro-industrial operations.