FEVE: Agroecological Farm Facilitator

FEVE actively supports the development of agroecological farms in France, providing financial tools and resources to empower new farmers. This initiative leverages citizen savings to foster sustainable agricultural practices.


FEVE stands at the forefront of fostering sustainable agriculture in France through a unique model that integrates community investment with ecological farming practices. By mobilizing citizen savings, FEVE not only supports the transition to agroecology but also provides a platform for new farmers to thrive in an environmentally conscious market.

Empowering the Next Generation of Farmers

At its core, FEVE’s mission is to facilitate the handover of agricultural lands to those committed to sustainable and ecological farming. This mission addresses the dual challenge of aging farmer demographics and the urgent need for sustainable agricultural practices. By providing financial solutions and support, FEVE enables new farmers to acquire farms and transform them into models of sustainability.

How FEVE Works: Bridging Investments with Ecology

FEVE’s model is innovative in how it connects financial investment to ecological farming:

  • Citizen Investment Model: Investors contribute to a fund that acquires agricultural lands.
  • Farm Allocation: Lands are then leased to new farmers with a commitment to agroecological practices, often with an option to purchase.
  • Support and Development: FEVE provides ongoing support to these farmers, ensuring that both ecological and economic goals are met.

This approach not only revitalizes rural areas but also creates a robust model for sustainable development.

Technical Specifications

  • Funds Raised: €14.3 million
  • Farms Supported: 18
  • Land Managed: 1313 hectares
  • Community Investors: 1390 individuals
  • Types of Farms: Polyculture, livestock, mixed farming
  • Primary Focus: Transition to BIO (organic) farming standards

About FEVE

Origin and Vision: Founded in France, FEVE was born out of a vision to sustainably transform French agriculture. The organization’s founders recognized the potential for a community-driven approach to support ecological farming practices that could lead to broader environmental and social benefits.

Growth and Impact: Since its inception, FEVE has successfully facilitated the transition of numerous farms across France to agroecological practices. By focusing on both ecological outcomes and community involvement, FEVE has not only contributed to the biodiversity of French agriculture but also inspired a new generation of farmers to adopt sustainable methods.

Please visit: FEVE’s website for more information.