FLiPPER: Biological Crop Protector

FLiPPER® offers a biological insecticide solution, maximizing crop health and yield by controlling pests through natural mechanisms. Ideal for integrated pest management.


FLiPPER® by AlphaBio Control emerges as an environmentally responsible solution to the persistent problem of agricultural pests. Designed from natural components, this biological insecticide offers a comprehensive approach to pest management across various crops, safeguarding both the environment and crop quality.

Understanding FLiPPER’s Mechanism

How FLiPPER Works FLiPPER® operates through direct contact with pests, employing a unique blend of unsaturated carboxylic acids derived from extra virgin olive oil. These acids penetrate the pests’ external layers, disrupting essential metabolic processes and stopping their feeding activity, which leads to mortality. This method of action is highly effective against all developmental stages of insects and mites, including eggs, larvae, and adults.

Broad-Spectrum Efficacy One of the standout features of FLiPPER® is its broad-spectrum efficacy. It is proven effective against a range of pest species, which makes it a versatile tool in the arsenal of any grower. From common orchard pests to greenhouse nuisances, FLiPPER® provides reliable protection that integrates smoothly into both organic and conventional farming systems.

Integration with Farming Practices

Compatibility with IPM Systems FLiPPER® fits seamlessly into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Crop Management (ICM) strategies. Its safety profile allows it to be used in conjunction with biological control agents and other pest management practices, supporting sustainable agriculture initiatives without harming beneficial insects or pollinators.

Safety and Environmental Impact The formulation of FLiPPER® not only prioritizes pest control efficacy but also minimizes risk to users and the environment. It degrades rapidly in the environment, reducing the risk of residual impact. This aspect is particularly important for growers committed to sustainable farming practices.

Technical Specifications:

  • Active Components: Unsaturated carboxylic acids (C14-C20)
  • Method of Application: Contact-based action requiring thorough coverage
  • Crop Compatibility: Effective on a wide range of crops including apples, soft fruits, grapes, and ornamentals
  • Environmental Safety: Rapid degradation, minimal ecological footprint
  • Pest Resistance: No known cross-resistance, effective on resistant strains

About AlphaBio Control

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture AlphaBio Control is a pioneering force in the field of agricultural bio-solutions, dedicated to developing products that support the entire lifecycle of crops—from planting to harvest. The company leverages cutting-edge scientific research to create formulations that meet the needs of modern farmers while maintaining an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

Global Presence and Recognition Based in the United Kingdom, AlphaBio Control has established itself as a leader in biological pest control solutions, gaining recognition for its innovative approaches to crop protection. Their products are used worldwide, aiding farmers in achieving both high yields and sustainable practices.

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