HYGO: Digital Agronomic Assistant

HYGO offers a sophisticated tool for farmers to optimize pesticide and nutrient application, enhancing agronomic efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance.


HYGO, an agronomic assistant developed by Alvie, offers a sophisticated and reliable solution for optimizing the application of crop protection products. This digital tool integrates seamlessly into the daily routines of modern farmers, providing a robust platform that supports both agronomic efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Intelligent Application Recommendations

HYGO leverages a comprehensive database of over 22,000 agricultural inputs to provide farmers with customized application recommendations. This ensures precise pesticide and nutrient application, tailored to specific crop needs and environmental conditions, thus minimizing waste and enhancing crop response.

Advanced Dose Modulation

The system’s patented algorithm analyzes numerous factors including weather conditions, soil properties, and crop type to recommend the most effective product dosages. This not only helps in maintaining the health and yield of crops but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint of farming operations.

Real-Time Weather Monitoring

With an onboard micro-weather station, HYGO offers real-time data collection that informs spraying decisions, significantly reducing the risk of drift and evaporation. This feature is crucial for complying with environmental regulations and ensuring the efficacy of applications.

Comprehensive Record-Keeping

HYGO automates the documentation of every spraying operation, including detailed weather conditions and input quantities. This feature is invaluable for farmers needing to adhere to increasingly strict traceability and compliance standards.

Mobile Platform Integration

HYGO is accessible via a mobile application available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it convenient for farmers to access its features directly from the field. This accessibility ensures that the latest information and recommendations are always at the farmer’s fingertips.

Expert Support Network

Alvie provides robust support through a team of expert agronomy engineers who assist users in maximizing their use of HYGO. This support extends from technical troubleshooting to advanced agronomic advice, helping farmers optimize their input use and crop management strategies.

Technical Specifications

  • Database Access: Information on 22,000+ inputs including herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers
  • Weather Integration: Real-time data from onboard weather stations
  • Compliance Tools: Automated record-keeping for traceability and regulatory compliance
  • Mobile Compatibility: Fully functional on iOS and Android devices
  • Algorithmic Modulation: Patented dose adjustment based on local conditions

About Alvie

Founded in France, Alvie has become a leader in the development of digital tools for agriculture. With a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, Alvie has designed HYGO to meet the needs of modern agriculture by providing solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally sound. The company has a rich history of collaboration with farmers to ensure that its products consistently meet the practical demands of agricultural operations.

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