VetVise: AI-Driven Barn Monitoring

VetVise leverages AI technology to monitor and enhance the well-being of farm animals continuously. It offers crucial insights into animal health, helping farmers make informed decisions to improve conditions in poultry and pig barns.


In the evolving landscape of agricultural technology, VetVise has carved out a niche with its innovative approach to barn monitoring. By integrating artificial intelligence, this system transforms how farmers manage and care for livestock, specifically poultry and pigs. VetVise doesn’t just collect data; it provides actionable insights that significantly improve animal health and barn conditions.

Detailed Monitoring for Optimal Livestock Care

VetVise utilizes cutting-edge camera technology and AI to monitor animal behavior continuously. This constant vigilance helps in detecting early signs of distress, illness, or discomfort among the animals. By understanding and reacting to these signs promptly, farmers can mitigate issues before they escalate, ensuring a high standard of animal welfare.

Technical Specifications

  • AI Algorithms: Advanced machine learning models trained on extensive animal behavior datasets.
  • Camera Technology: High-definition cameras capable of 24/7 operation in various lighting conditions.
  • Data Analysis: Real-time processing of video data to detect behavioral patterns and health indicators.
  • Environmental Sensors: Tools to measure temperature, humidity, and air quality, providing a comprehensive overview of barn conditions.
  • Alert System: Automated notifications for farmers when unusual behavior or environmental anomalies are detected.

Innovations in Barn Management

The system’s ability to analyze and interpret animal behavior data is a cornerstone of its functionality. VetVise’s technology assesses everything from movement patterns to interaction among animals, giving farmers a clear picture of the general welfare within the barn. Adjustments can be made to feeding routines, lighting, and space allocations based on solid data rather than conjecture, leading to more efficient farm management and healthier animals.

About VetVise

Founded in 2020 by a multidisciplinary team from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, VetVise is a testament to the power of collaboration between veterinary science and information technology. The founders, a mix of veterinarians and tech experts, have propelled the company to the forefront of the AgTech industry. Operating from Germany, VetVise continues to innovate and support farmers worldwide in achieving better animal welfare and operational efficiency.

Please visit VetVise’s website for more information.

Empowering Farmers with Real-Time Data

The VetVise system offers a comprehensive dashboard that displays all collected data in an accessible and actionable format. Farmers can view detailed reports and analyses, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly. This ease of access to data not only saves time but also enhances the ability to respond to potential issues without delay.

By providing a system that closely monitors and responds to the needs of animals, VetVise facilitates a farming environment where animal welfare and productivity go hand in hand. This technology not only supports sustainable farming practices but also helps in producing healthier, high-quality food products.