Vinea Énergie: Viticultural Waste Recycling

Vinea Énergie provides eco-friendly alternatives to open-air burning of viticultural waste, helping vineyards reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability. Our services transform viticultural byproducts into valuable biomass energy and organic mulch.


Vinea Énergie is pioneering sustainable waste management solutions in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, transforming viticultural byproducts into valuable renewable resources. By providing an alternative to open-air burning of vine residues, our services not only address environmental concerns but also contribute to local energy self-sufficiency.

Sustainable Practices in Viticulture

The annual renewal of vineyards, necessitated by aging plants or disease management, typically results in significant biomass waste. The common practice of burning this waste contributes to air pollution and carbon emissions. Vinea Énergie interrupts this cycle by offering a collection and recycling service that converts vine wood into beneficial products, promoting a cleaner and more sustainable industry.

Our Recycling Process

Our innovative approach involves several key steps:

  • Collection and Transportation: We collect the vine wood directly from local vineyards, ensuring a timely and efficient turnover.
  • Processing and Conversion: The collected wood is cleaned, processed, and converted into two main products:
    • Biomass Fuel: This renewable energy source is capable of powering local industrial and residential heating systems.
    • Organic Mulch: Used in agricultural and landscaping applications, our mulch helps conserve soil moisture, reduce temperature extremes, and suppress weed growth.

Technical Specifications

Our products are not only sustainable but also adhere to high standards of quality and performance. Here are some detailed specifications:

  • Biomass Fuel
    • Calorific value: High efficiency with consistent performance
    • Compliance: Meets ISO 17 225 standards for biomass energy
  • Organic Mulch
    • Material: 100% vine-derived, with no additives
    • Quality: Complies with NF U44-551 for organic mulching
    • pH Level: 6.93, suitable for a wide range of plant types
    • Moisture Retention: Enhances soil hydration with a water retention capacity of 235.08 ml/l
    • Sizes: Available in decorative (10-40 mm) and standard (0-60 mm) granulometries

About Vinea Énergie

Founded in the heart of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Vinea Énergie is dedicated to supporting the viticultural sector’s transition to sustainable practices. Our close collaboration with local vineyards ensures that we are not just a service provider but a partner in sustainability. By converting viticultural waste into valuable resources, we are helping to reduce the environmental impact of traditional vineyard practices and supporting the local economy.

For more insights into our mission and services, please visit the: Vinea Énergie website.