Robotic Perception: AI Autonomous Pruner

Robotic Perception introduces a pioneering AI pruner, designed to automate and enhance pruning efficiency in orchards and vineyards. This electric AI solution offers precision, cost savings, and continuous operation.


The AI Robotic Pruner by Robotic Perception represents a significant leap forward in agricultural technology. With its autonomous robotic arm and electric pruner, this machine is engineered to perform with precision and consistency. It signifies a shift from manual labor to automation, offering solutions that are not only time-efficient but also reduce the dependency on skilled labor.

Intelligent Pruning for Optimal Growth

Leveraging advanced AI, the pruner intelligently identifies the branches that require pruning, ensuring that each cut promotes healthier growth and yield. This intelligent system adapts to various plant structures and types, making it versatile for use in different agricultural settings.

Around-the-Clock Operation

The robust design and autonomous nature of the pruner allow for 24/7 operation, unbound by the limitations of human labor. This round-the-clock working capacity ensures that large areas can be covered in a shorter span, significantly enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • Robotic Arm Type: Autonomous, equipped with electric pruner
  • Camera Technology: 2D and 3D imaging with Intel RealSense and ZED cameras
  • Coverage: Up to 2 hectares per day
  • Weight: Approximately 30 kilograms per arm
  • Power Source: Tractor’s PTO (Power Take-Off)
  • Compatibility: Designed to attach to the front of a New Holland T4.90N vineyard tractor

Sustainability and Safety

A core advantage of the AI Robotic Pruner is its contribution to eco-friendly farming practices. By reducing the need for manual labor, the system not only minimizes human exposure to potential hazards but also contributes to a decrease in carbon footprint through its energy-efficient operation.

About Robotic Perception

A Visionary in Agricultural Robotics

Founded in 2019 in Israel, Robotic Perception has rapidly positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of agricultural robotics. The company’s inception was driven by a clear vision: to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability through technological innovation.

Commitment to Innovation

With a history of groundbreaking advancements, including a patent-pending solution for reducing spray drift by 25%, Robotic Perception has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to innovation. This dedication is further exemplified by its successful participation in the agROBOfood project, supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Global Footprint

Robotic Perception’s impact transcends geographical boundaries, with representation and projects spanning across several continents. The company’s solutions cater to a diverse array of agricultural needs, from vineyards in France to orchards in South Africa, showcasing its adaptability and global reach.

For more insights into Robotic Perception’s innovative solutions and their impact on sustainable agriculture, please visit: Robotic Perception’s website.