Augmenta: AI-Driven Farm Optimization

Augmenta brings innovative precision to agriculture with its AI-driven system, automating real-time variable rate applications (VRA) for optimized farming operations. This technology enhances input efficiency and crop health.


Augmenta leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to redefine precision agriculture, offering a suite of real-time variable rate application (VRA) services that streamline farming operations. With a commitment to sustainable and efficient agriculture, Augmenta’s technology not only optimizes input usage but also promotes environmental sustainability and crop health.

Harnessing AI for Sustainable Farming

In the realm of agriculture, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. Augmenta’s AI-driven system addresses these needs by automating the application of inputs such as fertilizers and plant growth regulators. This not only ensures optimal growth conditions for crops but also minimizes wastage and environmental impact.

The Augmenta Field Analyzer

At the heart of Augmenta’s offering is the field analyzer, a robust device equipped with multispectral cameras and AI capabilities. It is designed to assess crop health in real-time and adjust input applications accordingly, ensuring each plant receives exactly what it needs. This precision leads to healthier crops, reduced input costs, and improved yields.

A Global Impact

Augmenta’s technologies are not confined to any single geography. With operations spanning continents from Europe to Australia, its solutions are proving vital for farmers worldwide. The technology has demonstrated significant benefits, such as input reductions and yield improvements, making it a valuable asset for the global agricultural community.

Technical Specifications and Services

  • Compatibility: The system supports a wide range of equipment, making it easily integrable into existing farming operations.
  • Operation: Designed for ease of use, it offers a fully autonomous solution, requiring no internet for its primary functions.
  • Services: Augmenta provides a variety of VRA services, including nitrogen application, plant growth regulation, and harvest aid, all tailored to enhance crop performance and sustainability.

Augmenta: Pioneering Precision Agriculture

Founded in 2016 by Dimitri Evangelopoulos and George Varvarelis, Augmenta has quickly risen to prominence within the agricultural technology sector. With a mission to augment the capacity of arable land sustainably, it is pioneering advancements in precision agriculture through innovative AI and machine learning technologies.

Augmenta’s Journey and Vision

Starting as a tech startup, Augmenta has grown significantly, both in terms of its technology offerings and its global footprint. Acquired by CNH Industrial and becoming part of the Raven brand has further solidified its position in the market. Augmenta’s vision of enhancing farming operations through technology continues to drive its innovations, making farming more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Farming

Augmenta’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its product design and operational philosophy. By reducing chemical loads in soils and optimizing input costs, it not only supports the financial viability of farming operations but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Read more: Augmenta’s website.

Augmenta’s innovative approach and its significant contributions to precision agriculture demonstrate the transformative potential of technology in farming. By prioritizing sustainability, efficiency, and ease of use, Augmenta is setting new standards for the agricultural industry, ensuring that farmers around the world have access to the tools they need to meet the challenges of modern agriculture.