Bobcat AT450X: Autonomous Farm Tractor

The Bobcat AT450X introduces autonomous, battery-powered agricultural operations, enhancing efficiency in vineyards and orchards. It offers precision in tasks such as mowing, spraying, and material transport.


The Bobcat AT450X, a pioneering venture into the future of agriculture by Doosan Bobcat, in partnership with Agtonomy, redefines the paradigms of farm work through the prism of technological innovation and sustainability. This autonomous, battery-powered articulating tractor, heralded as the industry’s first, embodies the fusion of reliable machinery with the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence and remote operation. Designed to enhance efficiency, precision, and sustainability in compact agricultural settings such as vineyards and orchards, the AT450X brings a new level of sophistication to tasks traditionally defined by manual labor and time-intensive activities.

Advancing Farming with Autonomous Precision

Doosan Bobcat’s introduction of the AT450X is not merely an addition to its product line but a significant leap towards digital transformation in agriculture. By harnessing the power of autonomous technology and AI, the AT450X offers a seamless, efficient way to carry out various farm operations, including mowing, spraying, precision weeding, and transporting goods and materials. The strategic use of Agtonomy’s software and embedded computing technology allows the tractor to autonomously navigate through compact spaces, adapting in real-time to environmental challenges and tasks with unprecedented precision.

Sustainability at Its Core

The AT450X is at the forefront of promoting eco-friendly agricultural practices. Operating on a swappable battery system, it ensures round-the-clock productivity without the downtime traditionally associated with battery recharging. This approach not only facilitates continuous operation but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with diesel-powered alternatives. Furthermore, its zero-emission capability allows it to operate safely in enclosed spaces, such as food storage facilities, making it a versatile tool in the arsenal of modern agriculture.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Operation

  • Autonomous and Remote Operation: Equipped with Agtonomy’s advanced software, the AT450X can be programmed to perform tasks autonomously or be controlled remotely, offering flexibility in operation.
  • AI and Environmental Adaptation: Leveraging AI, the tractor is capable of learning from its environment, enhancing operational safety and efficiency by identifying and reacting to obstacles.
  • Swappable Battery System: This feature ensures the tractor can operate 24/7, significantly boosting productivity by minimizing downtime.
  • Compatibility with Attachments: The AT450X works with a range of Bobcat attachments, expanding its utility across various tasks.

Technical Specifications:

  • Autonomous operation capabilities
  • Embedded AI and vision-based systems
  • Swappable battery source for continuous operation
  • Compatible with a range of Bobcat attachments
  • Designed for use in compact agricultural settings like vineyards and orchards

About Doosan Bobcat

Rooted in a rich history of innovation and a deep connection to the land, Doosan Bobcat has long been at the forefront of worksite solutions. With origins that trace back to the agricultural sector, the company’s commitment to helping farmers overcome operational challenges is evident in every product they develop. The partnership with Agtonomy further underscores this commitment, combining Bobcat’s robust machinery with Agtonomy’s groundbreaking software to deliver solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also sustainable and efficient.

As a global leader, Doosan Bobcat’s vision extends beyond merely manufacturing equipment. It is about creating a future where digital advancements make farming more sustainable, efficient, and productive. The introduction of the AT450X articulating tractor is a testament to this vision, promising a future where technology and tradition merge to foster growth and prosperity in agriculture.

For more information on Doosan Bobcat and the AT450X, please visit: Bobcat Company’s website.