Bushel Farm: Comprehensive Farm Management

Bushel Farm offers advanced tools for agricultural management, enabling enhanced field-level profitability and operational oversight. It integrates seamlessly with leading agricultural data services, promoting efficient decision-making.


Bushel Farm, formerly recognized as FarmLogs, is a highly effective farm management software tailored to modern agricultural needs. It empowers farmers with the tools necessary for both strategic operational management and detailed financial oversight, with an emphasis on ease of use and accessibility across various devices.

Seamless Integration and Data Management Bushel Farm excels in integrating with notable agricultural platforms like John Deere Operations Center and Climate FieldView. This integration facilitates a seamless flow of data, enhancing the ease and accuracy of record-keeping without the usual hassle of manual entries. Farmers can access a wide range of information, including:

  • Field and financial records in a unified system
  • Instant updates on grain markets
  • Detailed field-level profitability analytics

Real-Time Insights and Decision Making This software enables farmers to gain real-time insights that are critical for making informed decisions. The ability to analyze profitability at the field level not only optimizes financial outcomes but also enhances overall farm management practices. Key benefits include:

  • Detailed analyses of production costs
  • Comprehensive marketing positions
  • Profit and loss reports tailored to specific crops or fields

Technical Specifications

  • Platform Compatibility: Available on desktop and mobile
  • Integration: Links with John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, and the Bushel Network
  • Functionality: Features include automated grain contract entries, extensive farm record management, and real-time profitability analysis

About Bushel Bushel is a pioneer in agricultural technology, committed to connecting farmers with the agricultural marketplace efficiently. Operating out of the United States, Bushel has consistently worked towards enhancing agricultural productivity through technological innovation. Their efforts are focused on simplifying complex data management and improving the accessibility of critical market information.

Please visit: Bushel Farm’s website for more information.