Carbon Maps: Environmental Food Industry Accounting

Carbon Maps delivers environmental accountability through data aggregation and science-based analysis, enhancing sustainability in food production. This platform supports better decision-making by evaluating the full lifecycle of agricultural products.


Carbon Maps introduces a robust platform designed to enhance sustainability in the food industry by providing comprehensive environmental accounting capabilities. This innovative tool is vital for businesses aiming to understand and improve their ecological footprint throughout their supply chains.

Streamlined Environmental Assessment

Automated Lifecycle Assessments: With Carbon Maps, companies in the food industry can now automate the cumbersome process of environmental impact assessments. This feature allows for the rapid processing of vast amounts of data, transforming complex life cycle assessments into a straightforward, scalable solution.

Scope 3 Emissions Insights: Understanding indirect emissions is crucial for comprehensive environmental accounting. Carbon Maps excels in providing detailed insights into Scope 3 emissions, which often encompass the majority of a company’s carbon footprint due to their supply chain complexity.

Alignment with Global Standards: The platform ensures that your sustainability reporting aligns with international frameworks such as the GHG Protocol and SBTi, positioning your business as a leader in responsible environmental practices.

Impact Reduction Simulation: Users can simulate various operational changes to see potential impacts on sustainability, enabling informed decision-making to achieve the most effective environmental outcomes.

Detailed Technical Specifications

  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG Emissions Tracking: Complete and accurate greenhouse gas monitoring across all scopes.
  • Automated Data Integration: Seamless aggregation of data from multiple sources for enhanced analysis and reporting.
  • SBTi Compliance Tools: Tools designed to ensure your strategies are aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative.
  • Advanced Simulation Capabilities: Test different scenarios to optimize your product and supply chain sustainability.

About Carbon Maps

Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and scientists, Carbon Maps is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the food industry. Co-founder Patrick Asdaghi, with his rich background in food technology, along with Estelle Huynh and Jérémie Wainstain, bring a wealth of expertise in business and environmental science. This leadership is augmented by a scientific committee comprised of experts in various fields related to agriculture and environmental science, ensuring that Carbon Maps’ solutions are both innovative and scientifically grounded.

For more insights into their pioneering work in environmental accounting: Please visit Carbon Maps’ website.

This powerful platform not only facilitates comprehensive environmental reporting but also guides companies toward more sustainable operational practices, making it an essential tool for any food industry player committed to ecological responsibility.