Ceres Imaging

Ceres Imaging is a company that provides Imaging solutions to farmers. They collect Nutrients, fertilizers, weeds and other data using spectral imaging.


  1. Ceres Imaging

In the growing world of AgTech, computer vision plays a very important role for better farming practices. Ceres Imaging is among one such company that provides spectral imaging solutions without disturbing a farmer’s daily routine. They deal in area of spectral imaging and helps in monitoring nutrients, fertilizers, weeds, diseases, irrigation needs and water levels in a farmland. Rather than flying drones, which are under strict FAA regulations, Ceres uses low-flying planes that can cover the whole area as well as follow the rules without compromising either of them. They collect the data for up to six different wavelengths ranging from visible light spectrum to infrared light at once.

Ceres imaging data in your devices

The data collected is stitched together to give a complete image of the farm, with resolution of 0.2-1.0 meter per pixel. Ceres charges the customer based on the acre of land being monitored and in return provides a complete image information and data for that part. Further, they provide support to integrate the changes for better management of farmland. Get a demo now


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