DigiFarm: Precision Field Boundary Mapping

DigiFarm provides precision field boundary mapping to enhance agricultural productivity and management. This tool is vital for efficient resource planning and usage in farming.


DigiFarm’s Field Boundaries technology exemplifies precision in agricultural mapping, offering detailed and actionable boundary delineation to optimize farm management and resource allocation. This tool is indispensable for enhancing productivity and sustainability in modern agriculture.


Utilizing cutting-edge satellite imagery and data processing, DigiFarm’s Field Boundaries provide unmatched accuracy in mapping, crucial for effective land use and resource management. This technology serves as a backbone for precision agriculture, facilitating better planning and execution of farming operations.

Key Features

High Precision Mapping

The solution features a base resolution of 1 meter, ensuring detailed and comprehensive field delineation. Such precision supports various agricultural activities, from planting to harvesting, by providing exact boundary data.

Customizable Mapping Tools

Farmers can easily adjust field boundaries using DigiFarm’s intuitive editing tools. This functionality includes options to edit, split, merge, and customize boundaries, catering to the specific needs and conditions of each farm.

Seamless API Integration

DigiFarm’s Field Boundaries are designed for easy integration into existing farm management systems via a robust API. This integration facilitates smooth data transfer and manipulation, enhancing the overall utility and adaptability of the technology.


  • Optimized Resource Use: Accurate boundaries enable precise application of inputs, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: With reliable field data, farmers can streamline operations, leading to better time management and reduced operational costs.
  • Improved Agricultural Outcomes: Precision in field boundaries contributes to better crop management, potentially leading to higher yields and improved quality of produce.

Technical Specifications

  • Resolution: 1 meter
  • Interface: User-friendly API and editing tools
  • Accuracy: High IoU (Intersection over Union) score, indicating superior boundary precision

About DigiFarm

Founded in Norway, DigiFarm is a pioneer in digital farming solutions, committed to driving innovation and sustainability in agriculture. The company leverages advanced technologies to support farmers and agricultural businesses in optimizing their operations and enhancing productivity.

For further details on DigiFarm and their offerings, please visit: DigiFarm’s website.