DJI-The future of possible

DJI is leading manufacturer of civilian drones based in china. They provide drones and solutions in area of Agriculture, energy media and infrastructure.


DJI- The Future of Possible

Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd (DJI), was founded by Frank Wang in 2016 and is based in China.  They manufacture products such as Drones, Visual Sensing systems, Navigation systems, wireless systems, cameras and other solutions.  DJI accounts for a major share in world drone market.

DJI in Agriculture

To begin with, DJI has been providing drones and solutions in the area of Agriculture, energy, safety, media and infrastructure. In area of agriculture, it has spread its wings across crop consulting, irrigation management, crop inspection and spraying. Moreover, to replace the laborious work of farmers with smart and quick methods, company launched its Phantom and AGRAS series. A3 flight controller is used for its command. In addition, it is optimized for agricultural utilization for a stable flight. Further, three high precision microwave radars, a  dual barometer and compass provide  safe and reliable flight.. These capabilities help in detecting the terrain and adjusting the height of drone. These help in recognizing the change in terrain, adjusting the flight altitude and also maintain a safe distance above the crops. Agras MG-1s is capable to plan and edit flight paths. It includes a 5.5 inch/1080p display for a good vision under heavy sunlight.

DJI’s Spraying system



DJI provides a complete spraying management platform with MG-1S. These solutions help in managing spraying activities across the farm. The farmer can set the pesticides amount per area and then the aircraft will calculate the remaining bounds. Intensive and efficent are two available spraying options. This new system enables more accurate spraying with front and rear nozzles allowing selective spraying mode such as forward, backward and full spraying. Furthermore, pressure and flow sensors help in real time monitoring of spraying systems to control the speed and quantity.

DJI’s Agriculture Solution package

Agriculture Solution package is an inclusive drone solution for agriculture UAVs manufacturers. This platform empowers manufacturers to design customized drones based on environment and demands. It consist of

A3-AG/N3-AG Flight Controller

Agricultural Management Unit (AMU)

Delivery Pump

FM continuous wave radar

DJI’s Agriculture management platform and many other utilities.


Thus,  the development and research by DJI  in field of UAVs have led to a rise in the use of drones across globe. Also, the comprehensive drone solutions have encouraged the farmers and other small developers to work with the drones.